House Hunters Recap: Surf Shack vs Spanish

House Hunters Recap: Surf Shack vs Spanish

This episode of House Hunters brought us another fascinating couple with Kim and Jai. He’s an Australian and she’s an American who met at a bar. Since meeting and falling in love, they’ve had two girls who are 22 and 15. The family has spent all of their time together traveling with Jai’s magic bus. Kim and Jai have lived in California, Australia, and a few other places. They’re trying to settle in a new place in Orange County, CA. Jai and Kim have a $600,000 budget.

Wish Lists

Jai and Kim agree that they want a home near a beach. They also want to stay in the Orange County area.

His: Jai would prefer a Beach Bungalow, especially one that reminds him of their home in Australia. He also wants a garage to park his 67 bus.

Hers: Kim wants a Spanish style home. She also wants a pool.

House #1, $595,000

House Hunters Recap: Surf Shack vs Spanish-1

This 900 sq. ft. home is only five miles from the beach. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The lack of space in this very tiny home scares Kim a bit, especially when she sees the lack of bathroom space. The home very much has a beach bungalow vibe: it’s bright, tight, and chill. The kitchen is small, but Kim and Jai seem to have no interest in the kitchen at all. They barbecue often, so they have no need for it.

Despite the lack of square footage, the home comes with a lot of extra spaces, like a loft area, access straight to the beach, an updated sun room, and a place for a pool. The backyard needs a lot of work, like landscaping and more greenery.

House #2, $549,900

House Hunters Recap: Surf Shack vs Spanish-2

This home gives Kim and Jai a lot more space. It has over 1600 sq. ft., four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Jai describes the home as being a ranch with craftsman touches. This place is a little further from the beach and their target living area: it’s in San Diego County and it’s ten miles from the beach. The places has high ceilings, white counter tops and granite, and lots of natural light.
The home seems to fit Kim and Jai’s lifestyle the most, at least in terms of features. However, neither of them would place this home in their chosen styles.

House #3, $530,000

House Hunters Recap: Surf Shack vs Spanish-3

This home is located in North San Diego County and it’s about eight miles from the beach. It has four bedrooms, two bedrooms, and 1600 sq. ft. The home has a really large nice wood tile and floor, but of course, Jai and Kim don’t care about the kitchen. This home also needs a lot of work in the backyard, but it has ocean views and some storage space.

The master bedroom on this home is very oddly shaped, which leads them to believe that it might have been an additional add on from the previous owners. This home also has a very small master bathroom.

Decision Time: This is a hard choice to predict, because Kim seems to have the final decision on things, and she wasn’t in love with any of the places. House #2 seemed most like the winner (in our opinion), but we were wrong.

House Hunters Recap: Surf Shack vs Spanish-4

Jai and Kim pick…House #1

They already created a hanging rack for Jai’s surf boards, and they bought a barbecue grill. Jai and Kim plan to eventually turn part of the storage area into a bathroom.


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