House Hunters International Recap: Getting It All in Florence

House Hunters International Recap -  Getting It All in Florence

Last night on House Hunters International, we had California couple Mark and Tracy take their love affair with Florence, Italy and turn it into their new living location! Yes, it was time for a move to Florence for this happy couple, so check out the details below in our House Hunters International recap!

Wish List

About 10 years ago, they lived in Florence for one year. They have been back every year and the plan was to buy a place there once all of the kids were out of the house in 10 years, but it looks like the Florence market is skyrocketing and they can’t pass it up right now! They want to own a place they can have forever. They have created friendships there while visiting, so it feels like a second home to them.

They want 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, as well as a balcony with a view. He wants lots of light, high ceilings and ancient charm of Florence. They have a $950,000 budget.

House 1 – $1.2 million

House Hunters International Recap -  Getting It All in Florence

This one is $250,000 over their budget, but the realtor thinks location and the house they will love. Mark loves the height of the ceilings and the appeal of the house. Tracy said the kitchen looks like a hospital kitchen. It’s old and dull. The bathroom is pink with some crazy painting on the wall of the tub. Mark seems to love a lot of it, but Tracy is not happy and thinks it’s too much work when they are so far away. He said it is shocking, but he loves it. She thinks it’s a lot of work, especially with it way over their budget.

House 2 – $1.1 million

House Hunters International Recap -  Getting It All in Florence

Again, over the budget on this one, but it does have a wine shop right outside of it. This one has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There are high ceilings and tall windows, which Mark loved. There is no balcony and the view is not great. Tracy wanted the family room with the kitchen. Tracy is liking the room sizes in this one. The bathroom looks very nice, but there is no bathtub. The master bedroom is amazing looking, as it has stones on the wall and the ceiling looks cool. Tracy said with spending that kind of money, she wants perfection.

House 3 – $1.2 million

House Hunters International Recap - Getting It All in Florence

This one is right in the center of Florence and the realtor thinks they will love this place. The ceilings are not that high, so they feel it is more tight. It doesn’t have the ancient charm that Mark wants. This one is all about the location, but the actually house is not the best. It has great qualities, but the qualities don’t seem to be what this couple is looking for. Tracy gets her balcony with a view on this one and she loved the kitchen, but it’s too modern for Mark.

Final Decision

House Hunters International Recap -  Getting It All in Florence

It is time for Mark and Tracy to sit down and discuss their future forever home in Florence, Italy. They came into this want a $950,000 max. However, the lowest priced house they saw was $1.1 million! After discussing it all, they decided to go with House #3! They are over their budget, but have decided to rent out the house while they are not in Florence to help make up some of the money.

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