Bristol and Aubrey Marunde on Flip Or Flop Vegas - Courtesy of HGTV

Flip Or Flop Vegas” on HGTV is the first of several spinoffs from the successful “Flip Or Flop” series but will feature new hosts Aubrey and Bristol Marunde in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Following the format of the original series, “Vegas” will follow the couple as they uncover new homes to reclaim, repair, and renovate in pursuit of finding profit in broken down homes.

When Is Flip Or Flop Vegas On?

The new series will launch Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 9/8c with new episodes set to follow each week on HGTV. As with most of their series, you can also expect plenty of chances for repeats once the new Vegas series gets rolling.

Who Are Aubrey and Bristol Marunde?

You may recognize at least one of the new Flip Or Flop’ers here as Bristol Marunde is a former MMA Fighter with a listed fight history of 2004-2015. The other half of this flipping couple is wife Aubrey Marunde, the real estate agent of their team.

Flip or Flop Vegas Episodes

HGTV has listed out the first four episodes of the first season of “Flip Or Flop Vegas”:

  • S1E1 – “No Such Thing As A Safe Bet In Vegas”
  • S1E3 – “Cottage Glam”
  • S1E4 – “Building A Bachelor Pad”
  • S1E5 – “Go Bold Or Go Home”

Former HGTV Series “High Stakes Flippers”

Bristol and Aubrey previously appeared on HGTV in July 2016 for “High Stakes Flippers” which appears to have lasted just one episode. Interestingly the one episode from that series appears to be listed now by HGTV as the first episode of the new “Flip Or Flop Vegas” series.

Viewers of the one episode complained that it was too similar to Flip Or Flop and apparently it wasn’t a big enough hit with HGTV to extend the series. But a year later, with Flip Or Flop teetering on the edge of collapse due to off-camera drama, it seems HGTV was ready to bring them back for another try. It’s possible they revamped multiple potential shows as FoF spinoffs in lieu of simply having disconnected but similar concepts.

We’ll be watching the new “Flip Or Flop Vegas” series to see how it matches up with the original and what viewers think on this second round with a different house flipping couple.

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