House Hunters International Recap: Reconnecting In Bariloche

House Hunters International Recap - Reuniting in Bariloche

Last night on House Hunters International, a Washington couple was ready to leave their life behind and pack up their belongings and six kids and move to Argentina! Erica and Andy are ready for an adventure, but not sure if their kids are up for it also! Check out what happened below in our House Hunters International recap!

Wish List

Erica said she wanted to always raise her kids globally, so it’s time for that with the move to Argentina. Their kids’ happiness is key, as they don’t want to be too far away from town. They will be heading to Bariloche, Argentina. Erica wants a location that is close to town and close to the kids’ school, but Andy said a remote location is fine and close to the lake. They want 5 bedrooms and a Patagonian style house. She wants under $2,000 per month, but Andy is willing to go over that.

House 1

House Hunters International Recap - Reuniting in Bariloche - House 1

This one is 25km away from town. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and they happen to have a lake in the background. It’s an hour away from the kids’ school. This one cost $2,200 per month. The view is beautiful in this house, as they have a view of the lake right from the living room. Erica said she loves the decorations and it feels traditional.

There is an oven to cook with logs of wood. The master bedroom is huge and each room has so much space. The staircase is beautiful and the outdoor space is beautiful, as I couldn’t even imagine living here every day. Erika is worried about being so far out.

House 2

House Hunters International Recap - Reuniting in Bariloche - House 2

For this location on House Hunters International, it is a 2-minute drive to the lake. It is about 4 miles from from downtown and about a 10-minute drive from the school, so much better location for Erica. This one is a 5 bedroom with 2 bathrooms and it is $1,800 per month. Erica thinks it’s a great neighborhood and good for the kids.

It has a nice little sitting area with a fireplace. The dining room has 180-degree window, which they can see the wildlife. She tries to say they can see the lake, but it’s too far away for Andy. The staircase has no railing, which Erica was not a fan of. The neighbors are super close for Andy.

House 3

House Hunters International Recap - Reuniting in Bariloche - House 2

This is an old-style family house. It is pretty rustic and it is pretty close to a lake. There is a road close by with fast cars, which Erica did not like. It is 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and is $1,600 per month. They walk in and Andy said he feels like he’s in Grandma’s house. The rooms and everything seem a lot smaller, even though it is five bedrooms.

The backyard is all nature. They head out to the lake and it is gorgeous there. A mountain right there and Andy said it’s just like a postcard. Erica is worried about the safety of her kids being right there in nature.

Final Decision

House Hunters International Recap - Reuniting in Bariloche - Final Decision

Time for Erica & Andy to sit down and make a decision on House Hunters International! Andy loves the first one and Erica loves the second one, so will it be one of them or will they shock us with the third one? After talking it out, they decide to go with House #2, so Erica won out!

What did you think of this episode of House Hunters International?

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