Property Brothers Recap: Season 14 Episode 4 – Nutty and Proud

Property Brothers Season 14 Recap

Last night on Property Brothers Season 14, Drew and Jonathan were helping Becky and Justin say goodbye to their friends’ basement and find a forever home for their family. They may be opposites, but they both want a home and that is what the Property Brothers are up to tonight!

Becky and Justin have been living in their friends’ basement for the time being. They have a baby girl and she is not sleeping through the night, so it doesn’t work on a privacy aspect. Justin is very much an extrovert, so he is wanting the space to entertain his friends and family. They just happen to have a budget of $950,000 and they are hoping for a place downtown.

Drew and Jonathan take them to the first house, which has a mud room and big island (both must haves). Becky liked the kitchen, but she wanted less. It is a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. Of course, this house is $1.8 million, so it’s $850,000 over budget.

They agree to a quick renovation and are hoping to stay close to downtown. They head out and have checked out a few of them before finding this 1,500-square foot house. Jonathan plans on knocking a lot of the walls out to open it up and give them more space. The kitchen is peach and has a pink sink and stove, so those need to go. The neighbors are pretty much right on top of them, as that is what their budget allows close to downtown. The house is listed at $819,000 and Drew would go for $800,000 and Drew can do the renovations for $150,000 and eight weeks.

After that house, they decide to venture out further away from the city for more bang for their buck. Justin doesn’t seem to care about the rest of the house, as long as he can get a bi-fold door between inside and outside the house. For this first house, it is listed at $899,000, but Drew said he thinks he can get $840,000 after a home inspection. Jonathan said he can do all the renovations for $110,000.

The inspection was done and the owners countered with $842,500 and Becky & Justin accepted it, so it’s time for that renovation, which they are saying will be seven weeks long!

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As Jonathan goes through the renovations, he sees plumbing done improperly and they cut through boarding, which helped keep the roof in place. Day 1 brought a lot of bad news and a lot of asbestos. They have issues with the flooring and what they did before. It ends up putting the floor up 6 inches and a total of 7 feet 5 inches total. They decide to excavate the former garage by hand and get that extra ceiling height in what will be the master bedroom. This is more money and more time, but they agree to it.

Becky stopped by for a visit and asked Jonathan to expand the mud room for future use, which would make the kitchen smaller. She said Justin was on board with this decision, but come to find out, she may have been fibbing! He is concerned about the size of the kitchen now, but it’s too late now.

The master bedroom suite was the big project for Jonathan here. While Jonathan thought they were back on schedule for the renovation on Property Brothers Season 14, it turns out there was one BIG issue. The bi-fold door was missing some of the parts, so it has delayed it’s arrival and installation. They said it could be a week, but that could turn longer. It’s all Justin wanted, so they agree to wait it out!

After a few weeks of delay for the bi-fold doors, it is time to move in regardless of them being in or not. The big reveal comes and it comes with the bi-fold doors, which Justin is ecstatic for. It also comes with a nut shelf, one of his other must haves. That kitchen is built for entertaining, including that big island. The master suite is a great balance, as it makes them both happy.

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It may have taken longer than expected and over budget, but it all worked out. The total cost of the house came to $956,000, so $6,000 over their budget and it took 10 weeks instead of 7 weeks because of the delay for Justin’s bi-fold doors, which did look amazing on the house!

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