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“Flip Or Flop” is a series on HGTV featuring Tarek and Christina El Moussa, real estate agents turned house flippers. Now in its seventh season the series has continued despite recent off-camera drama centered around the couple’s marriage. HGTV says the series will continue and is working on the next season.

How Did “Flip Or Flop” Start?

Following the market crash, Tarek El Moussa and his wife Christina found themselves out of work as real estate agents when they decided to purchase a foreclosed home along with their business partner, Pete De Best. After splitting the profits of their first flip, earning the trio a reported $34,000, Tarek & Christina took off from there with the project.

Tarek decided to try recording one of the flips, sent in the video, and was soon talking with Pie Town Productions, the company behind House Hunters, another HGTV staple. Now here the show is as its audience continues to grow and HGTV continues to stand behind one of its most popular series.

Flip Or Flop Seasons:

The first season of Flip Or Flop started on April 16, 2013 and ran through May 28th that year. The second season followed a similar timeline, returning to HGTV in April 2014, but then the frequency started to ramp up with the third season airing in through the fall and winter season of 2014 to 2015.

The sixth season wrapped up on March 30, 2017 and HGTV says there will be a “Flip Or Flop” season 7. This next season will begin in December 2017 and consist of 20 episodes, a high for the series.

  • Season 1: 13 Episodes. Aired: 4/16/13 – 5/28/13
  • Season 2: 14 Episodes. Aired: 4/8/14 – 7/8/14
  • Season 3: 15 Episodes. Aired: 10/7/14 – 7/7/15
  • Season 4: 14 Episodes. Aired: 12/3/15 – 3/24/16
  • Season 5: 13 Episodes. Aired: 6/9/16 – 9/22/16
  • Season 6: 17 Episodes. Aired: 12/1/16 – 3/30/17
  • Season 7: 20 Episodes. Airs: December 2017

Future Of Flip Or Flop:

Update: Reports indicate Flip Or Flop was cancelled by HGTV beyond the in-production season (7). We’re awaiting official confirmation.

Despite the recent reported marital drama between stars Christina and Tarek, HGTV says the series’s production will continue on with no word of anything shutting down over the couple’s pending divorce.

If the two can continue to work together then there’s still a lot of fans out there waiting to watch what they’ve got going on next and we’re sure HGTV is happy to draw in those ratings too.

There will also be new Flip or Flop spinoffs featuring new couples in five locations around the country. The new shows start in 2017 with more to be added in 2018 and possibly beyond.

Latest Flip Or Flop News & Updates:

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