Report: Flip Or Flop Cancelled By HGTV

A report coming from InTouch magazine confirms widespread expectations: Flip Or Flop was cancelled by HGTV. Despite previous assurances from the network that season seven was actively in production it now looks like that will be the end of the show.

Flip or Flop stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa - Source: Wikimedia

Following marital issues between the Flip Or Flop stars, Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa, the future of the extremely popular series was called in to question. The now split couple made public statements that they’d continue to work together professionally, but it looks like that won’t be an issue anymore. Might not be the last of them we see though.

InTouch also reports Christina has been shopping her own show around with a focus on design and has received positive responses from other networks. It looks like she’s still under contract with HGTV though, so she’d need to find a way out of that first.

“She’s drawing a lot of interest and feels HGTV will let her out of her contract. She has impressed several people at other networks who can give her a new show. They think she’s a hot commodity,” the insider says.

So it sounds like Christina is looking outside the HGTV network which is somewhat surprising since you’d expect her to have the connections there. Perhaps the behind the scenes issues for Flip Or Flop has made executives less than thrilled to continue their relationship.

No word on what Tarek has planned, but if his real money is coming from actual house flipping then perhaps he’d prefer to go back to focusing on his business rather than show business. And of course the Flip Or Flop franchise isn’t going anywhere with five new spinoffs announced including Flip Or Flop Vegas, set to premiere April 6th on HGTV.

If Flip Or Flop was cancelled for Season 8 and beyond we’ll still get one more season worth of episodes. Ratings were very strong for last season, but will this obvious drama help or hurt the last round of the show? Would you still want to watch or are you over the series with all this drama?



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