Sneak Peek: Fixer Upper “Behind The Design” Series Premiere [VIDEO]

HGTV is giving viewers their first look at the new Fixer Upper Behind The Design spinoff tonight with the first episode airing ahead of the full series launch later this year.

Joanna Gaines on Behind The Design on HGTV

Here’s your sneak peek video of the “sneak peek” episode that will take us behind the scenes of Fixer Upper revealing how Joanna Gaines brings it all together.

How does Joanna Gaines do it? You know when company is coming over and you shove everything in one room then close the door? Well you’re in good company because that’s part of Joanna’s secret too!

Here we get to see what some of those rooms on Fixer Upper have going on when they’re not included in the final reveal. Turns out those are temporary storage rooms for bins. Lots and lots of bins!

Since we know the staging of the Magnolia Homes projects uses their own gear rather than what belongs to the clients this explains how it all gets moved around. Joanna and company brings in lots of decorations so she has everything on hand to give rooms that special finishing touch:

“But it’s inevitable. I’ll need more books, I’ll need a certain vase. I always like to bring too much so that in the end I have what I need.”

She comes prepared, surprising no one, right? Joanna also comes with a team to help her put it altogether and that’s something we’ll see more of in the season preview. Things look promising so far! shared the exclusive video, watch it below, with just a few moments of footage but you can watch the full episode on HGTV tonight, Tuesday, March 28th at 11/10c. Set your DVRs then join us on Facebook & Twitter for more of our HGTV & Fixer Upper coverage!

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Video: Sneak Peek at HGTV’s “Fixer Upper: Behind The Design


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