House Hunters Recap: Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan

House Hunters Recap - Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan

We had newlyweds last night on House Hunters, as they were looking for a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan (the city where I live)! It was Angela and Ben, who have been married for three or four months now and looking for their first house. They definitely seem to be on different pages when it comes to things, but can they decide on a house together? Find out in our House Hunters recap below!

Wish List

Angela definitely wants to start a family right now and fill this house with kids. Ben, yeah, he’d rather wait a couple years for that to happen! Their budget is $225K – $250K and want it move-in ready if more at the $250K range.

For her, she is looking for a craftsman style house. He would like a bungalow with hardwood floors and wood throughout the house, as he likes the older style homes. They are wanting four bedrooms, but she doesn’t think they can find a bungalow with four bedrooms. They agree to compromise on things. They want a large yard, but he also wants to be close to downtown.

House 1 – $189,900

House Hunters Recap - Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan - House 1

This house was five minutes from downtown and a Cape Cod house. It is 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. They said they need new carpet. Angela said it instantly felt like home to her. Ben liked the price-point, as it allows for room to do improvements. Angela wanted a brighter kitchen.

The backyard was pretty much a gravel pit. The bathroom is very small and it definitely needs some love. There are 400-square feet in the basement. The ceilings are high in the basement. The stairs to the master bedroom upstairs are tiny and awkward, but the bedroom is bigger than they thought. They both said this is a 6 for them, as the house needs some work.

House 2 – $219,000

House Hunters Recap - Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan - House 2

This house is a 4-bedroom, 2 bath house that happens to be a split level. When their realtor told them that, it seems like neither of them were interested. Angela said that is one thing she does not enjoy. This house is 15 minutes from downtown, which Ben is not happy about. It has the hardwood floors that Ben wants. They liked that you didn’t walk in and have to decide up or down for the split level.

The backyard is huge and fenced in, but the fence does need some work and the deck needs to be power-washed. Angela has some weird quirks, as she likes the tub to be across from the toilet in the bathroom and not next to each other! The colors of the paint on the walls is odd. The house has a bonus area, which has even more rooms.

House 3 – $239,000

House Hunters Recap - Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan - House 3

The final house on House Hunters last night was a 4-bedroom, 1 bath house in Heritage Hill area, which are the older, historical house district in Grand Rapids. It is about 1,600-square feet and she loved the porch. Angela thought the floor plan was choppy and not ideal for her. Hardwood floors throughout the house, so Ben likes that. Angela can’t get past the floor plan, but she is in love with the kitchen.

The bathroom is on the first floor and is huge, plus it has the toilet across from the tub. However, all the bedrooms are upstairs and the bathroom is on first floor. They talk about changing one of the bedrooms into a bathroom at some point. The backyard is small and not fenced in. It has a Michigan basement, so it is very low ceiling. On this one, he is an 8 and she is a 4.

Final Decision

House Hunters Recap - Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan - Decision Time

Time for Ben and Angela to sit down and discuss their options on House Hunters. Which one do you think they will choose? They really wanted to take bits and pieces from each house and combine them into their own house. However, that is not how this process works!

They shocked me, as they decided to go with House #2, the split level! It checked off most of the things they were looking for on their list, so they went with this one. How did Ben agree with being so adamant about leaving close to downtown, even though 15 minutes isn’t that far away?

The house was listed for $219,000, but they ended up paying $228,000 for it. They still have room in their budget, but the house was pretty much move-in ready for them.

What did you think of last night’s episode of House Hunters?

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