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Property Brothers on HGTV features brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help clients finding homes to purchase and makeover as they split their duties between real estate and renovations.

Having first aired on HGTV in 2011 the Property Brothers series got its start with the W Network in Canada after HGTV declined their show. It didn’t take long for HGTV to change their minds after testing returned strong ratings where it’s gone on to be one of the network’s tent pole shows.

Who Are The Property Brothers?

Twins Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, born April 28, 1978, have been in the real estate game for a long time with their first house flip starting at the age of 18. Having turned a $50,000 profit on that little venture the two looked set for their adventures in real estate and house flipping.

The brothers started Scott Real Estate, Inc. in 2004 for residential and commercial real estate projects with offices in Las Vegas, Calgary, and Vancouver. They filmed their series’s pilot in 2009 and debuted on HGTV in 2011.

Jonathan and Drew are both licensed agents even though just Drew is shown as the agent during the television series.

When Is “Property Brothers” On?

Property Brothers is currently running episodes for Season 10 (HGTV runs 2 seasons year having started in 2011) and production is filming future episodes as well. The show’s official site details 5 seasons of episodes while HGTV has split those to double the count.

HGTV airs new episodes on HGTV (US) Wednesdays at 8/7c and on W Network (Canada) Mondays at 8/7c.

Where Has “Property Brothers” Filmed Renovations?

The Property Brothers series has taken Drew and Jonathan through Toronto, Austin, Vancouver, Atlanta, Westchester NY, and most recently Nashville. The brothers announced on Instagram in March 2017 that they had just wrapped their first day of filming new episodes there in Tennessee for an upcoming season.

Want to be in an episode of “Property Brothers”? They’re now casting homeowners in Nashville, TN looking for a renovation! Check out their casting page to apply.

More Property Brothers? Drew’s Honeymoon House

HGTV announced in April 2017 that a new mini-series would follow Drew Scott and his fiancée Linda Phan as the couple remodels their new Los Angeles home in time for their wedding. The series, “Drew’s Honeymoon House,” will feature four episodes, each an hour long, and will air later this year on HGTV.

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