House Hunters Recap: Wild About Horses in Durango

House Hunters Recap - Wild About Horses in Durango

Last night on House Hunters, we headed out to Durango to find a new home for Eric & Janelle. Their kids are grown and headed off to college, so they want less space and further from their neighbors! Can they find a spot for those horses in Durango? Check out our House Hunters recap below!

Wish List

They currently live in a 5,000 square foot house they built 10 years ago. Their kids are grown up and they now need a smaller place. The current house feels more like a suburban area, so they want distance from their neighbors. Janelle wants a barn for horses on 5-10 acres, however he wants 50 acres. He wants a log cabin, but she wants a farmhouse that is close to town. He wants some kind of water aspect, but she does not. Their budget is $1.2 to $1.4 million.

House 1 – $1.275 million

House Hunters Recap - Wild About Horses in Durango

This house is on 4.2 acres and has horses, so Janelle is happy. It is a great distance from town. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with 3,495 sq. ft. The kitchen is dark and she wanted a more bright kitchen. The garage is not attached and Janelle doesn’t want that for the winter. The basement is a media room, which Eric seemed to like. He doesn’t like the neighbors close by and no barn. He wanted a place with not a lot of renovations and these has too many renovations for him. The train going by didn’t appeal to them.

House 2 – $1.225 million

House Hunters Recap - Wild About Horses in Durango

They are about 25 minutes away from town on this one, which Eric likes because he doesn’t see any neighbors around them. It has 37 acres and it has a barn and guest house attached. It is definitely beautiful out there. There is a detached garage, but it has a breezeway between. It has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. She said it has a farmhouse feel for her. There is no formal dining area, which Janelle is not happy with. It’s so quiet and peaceful out there. The master suite is very nice.

This one has a guest house also, which has 2 beds and 2 baths. They liked the space, but Eric was worried about how far it was from the house and having his parents stay out there during the winter. Eric said it has a nice balance they both like.

House 3 – $975,000

House Hunters Recap - Wild About Horses in Durango

This one is close to town and has a 3-car attached garage. No water features on the land, which is 35 acres. It’s very open and airy, but Janelle thought the kitchen was too dark. She has ideas and he doesn’t want projects. It has a wrap-around porch, so gives Janelle that farmhouse feel. No neighbors around them. Every room seems to have an amazing view of all the land. The bathroom is dark also, which Janelle would want to change.

She really likes this house, but Eric thinks it has too many projects they would have to work on. It has a separate guest area, so they enjoy that for his parents and their kids.

Final Decision

House Hunters Recap - Wild About Horses in Durango

Time for Eric and Janelle to discuss the three houses they saw tonight on House Hunters. There are pluses and minuses for all three of the houses they saw, but they decided to go with House #2! The asking price was $1.225 million and that is what they got it for. The distance did not scare Janelle away and Eric got all the land he wanted!

What did you think of last night’s episode of House Hunters?

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