Joanna Gaines on Behind The Design on HGTV - Courtesy: HGTV

Joanna Gaines hosts “Fixer Upper: Behind The Design” on HGTV as a companion series to the network’s top-rated series, “Fixer Upper,” set to air its first episode in March 2017.

What Is “Fixer Upper: Behind The Design”?

Announced by HGTV as a spinoff, this new series will follow after Fixer Upper episodes and provide a, wait for it, behind the scenes, in-depth look at how Joanna completed the beautiful Magnolia Homes designs that often get just a short few minutes at the end of each episode.

When Is Fixer Upper Behind The Design On?

The first episode of “Behind The Design” airs on HGTV Tuesday, March 28th at 11PM ET/PT. Yes, it’s a late night airing so you’ll want to set your DVRs. Then after the first episode we won’t see the series again until later in the year when HGTV is ready to release it.

These one hour episodes are planned to follow on after the regular “Fixer Upper” episodes making a bulk night of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Once HGTV announces the finalized schedule later this year we’ll update that information here.

Will Chip Be On Behind The Design?

According to HGTV, yes, Chip Gaines will also be part of “Behind The Design” even as the series focuses on Joanna’s work:

[Joanna Gaines] also reveals some never-before-seen design elements and shows how she, Chip and her design assistants work to meet their clients’ needs and style while overcoming design challenges that pop up along the way.

It wouldn’t really be a Fixer Upper show without Chip, would it? Of course not. So settle in and await the new Fixer Upper spinoff and get ready to be inspired by Joanna’s designs.

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