House Hunters Recap: Historic Charmer in San Antonio

House Hunters Recap: Historic Charmer in San Antonio

House Hunters Alicia and Ian met in high school. However, they didn’t start dating until way after it. As he tells it, Alicia was a “force” that was too cool for him to approach, but as she tells it, Ian was just too shy in high school. Now they’ve been together for 10 years as a couple, and married for three years.

They’re currently raising a cat and dog
with plans to raise human babies at some point soon. Alicia and Ian want to find a home in San Antonio, and they have a budget of $650,000.

Wish Lists

Alicia and Ian want a home that retained the original character from its original creation. They also want a den, workout space, and guestrooms. Alicia and Ian would also like an open floor plan.

Hers: Alicia wants a craftsman style home. She’s also okay with a fixer upper.

His: Ian wants a midcentury modern home. He wants it to be move-in ready.

House #1, S615,000

House Hunters Recap: Historic Charmer in San Antonio-1

This craftsman style home was built in 1926. It’s been modernized: the inside
has a very modern aesthetic with a few accents of character. It has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and over 2,200 sq. ft. The kitchen is large with vintage tile, stainless steel appliances, and a double oven. The first guestroom is large and has a matching large bathroom. The second guestroom is a little smaller than the first, and it also has a guest bathroom to match its size.

This home comes with a laundry room, a huge master bedroom and bathroom, and a huge shower that doesn’t include a bath tub. It also has a walk-in closet and a low maintenance backyard. The backyard is where the home needs the most work—it needs a fence, some grass, and outdoor furniture.

House #2, $599,000

House Hunters Recap: Historic Charmer in San Antonio-2

This home was built in 1962. It’s a very midcentury modern home that even has a texture door. The home feels and looks like a 60s time warp, in a cool but intimidating way. It has four bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms.

The home has both a back and front yard. It has newly added carpet on the top floor, but the bottom floor has the original flooring. The home has some extra space that could become some of the additional rooms that they want. The home has mainly mahogany paneling. The backyard has a patio, terrace, and about 3/4 acres of land.

House #3, $739,000

House Hunters Recap: Historic Charmer in San Antonio-3

This ranch style home was built in 1959. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms with 3,700 sq. ft. The exterior has a lot of character and curb appeal, and the inside is very modern, clean, and bright with a white color scheme and big windows.

This home is very large so it has plenty of extra space for Alicia and Ian’s desired leisure activities—like reading and stretching. The kitchen has a big island with plenty of room for everyone to fit, sit, and eat. The home also comes with a large bathroom that has a soaking tub in additional to a shower.

Decision Time: House #2 had the coolest concept and history, but it would be stressful worrying about destroying the place’s history and design. House #1 had most of the things Ian and Alicia wanted, but it didn’t have much to the backyard. House #3 was way over budget, but it had enough home for an extended family and everything they might ever want in a place.

House Hunters Recap: Historic Charmer in San Antonio-4Ian and Alicia picked…House #1


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