House Hunters Recap: Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina

House Hunters Recap: Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina

HouseHHunters Griffin and Connie met over 26 years ago at Clemson University. She was in the marching band as a xylophone player, and Griffin was the equipment manager. It took a little time, but he mustered up some courage to ask her out. Now they’ve been married for 26 years, and they have children and grandchildren.

Connie and Griffin lived in Florida but Connie is originally from South Carolina, and many of her family members still live in the area, including her children. On a visit, Griffin and Connie’s grandson started calling their names. The cuteness of the moment was enough for them to decide that they needed to move back to South Carolina to be near their family. Griffin and Connie are using their $450,000 budget to find a new place in South Carolina.

Wish Lists

Griffin and Connie both want a home with at least 3,000 sq. ft. It also needs plenty of space for guests.

His: Griffin wants the new home to be off the lake. Home styles don’t matter that much to him, but he would prefer a craftsman style place. Griffin needs a place just to work, and he wants a place to watch the Clemson football games, basically a man cave.

Hers: Connie would prefer a place with a big backyard instead of a lakefront home. She also likes farm style homes. Connie needs a big kitchen with an island, a big formal dining room, and a place to display her piano. She would also like a home that needs some renovations.

House #1, $339,900

House Hunters Recap: Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina-1

This ranch style home is located on a lakefront. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home is a little bit smaller than they wanted with only 1,700 sq. ft. It has a small dining area, but a tall fireplace.

The home has plenty of outdoor living space and projects. The en suite is very tiny with barely any room for anyone to squeeze into it. The basement has an entrance to the lake area. This place also comes with a lovely sunroom.

House #2, $390,000

House Hunters Recap: Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina-2

This home has Connie’s farm home styles and her porch. It has five bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. It’s 4,426 sq. ft. with an additional four acres of land. It’s not a lakefront property but only about 10 minutes from public water. The place has hardwood flooring and a fireplace.

The kitchen comes with granite, but no island. The home has lots of outdoor living space including a deck. It has huge rooms, especially the guest rooms. The home also has two master bedroom options: a smaller one on the first floor and a huge one in the upper level. The master bathroom also has a jetted tub.

House #3, $470,000

House Hunters Recap: Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina-3

This home also has a porch, but no lakefront. It is, however, very close to a lake, within walking distance. The home has 5,500 sq. ft, so it’s a huge home with plenty of room. It has a huge dining area and a huge kitchen. Overall, Griffin and Connie like the design of the dining room but they’re not a fan of the tile flooring.

The space has plenty of built-in features. It also has a huge basement suite, which could become Griffin’s Clemson room. The place also has a huge yard with a playground.

Decision Time: House #3 has the most space, but it might be too much space, and it’s over budget. House #2 doesn’t have lake views, but it has other cool things like huge rooms and a jetted tub. House #1 was the smallest of the options, but it was the only home with lakefront property.

House Hunters Recap: Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina-4

Griffin and Connie picked…House #2

They ended up buying it for $380,000 instead of the $390,000 asking price. Connie and Griffin also rearranged some of the spaces to make it more accommodating to their needs. They also plan to make some renovations in the future.


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