House Hunters Recap: Crazy about Chicken

House Hunters Recap: Crazy about Chicken

We meet Delaney and Dean on this Fort Collins, CO set House Hunters. They have been together for three years and plan to marry in next summer. Dean and Delaney have a few pets, a dog named lucky and a chicken coop. Their budget ranges between $300,000 and $400,000.

Wish Lists

They need a place with no HOA because of their chickens. Dean and Delaney also need a place with high ceilings and a high doorway because Dean is 6’5.

Hers: Delaney prefers a ranch style home with a brick exterior and fireplace.

His: Dean prefers a Tudor style home.

House #1, $349,850

House Hunters Recap: Crazy about Chicken-1

This 1200 sq. ft. Tudor style home has three bedrooms and one bathroom. It’s full of character with arched doorways and high ceilings. The place has an updated kitchen with granite and stainless steel appliances. All the bedrooms and the one bathroom in this home are on the smaller side of things.

Only one bedroom is located on the upper level, and the two others are located in a basement type area. It has low ceilings and feels more like a dungeon than an actual living quarter.

House #2, $399,000

House Hunters Recap: Crazy about Chicken-2

This home is a ranch style with a brick exterior and fireplace. It has over 2800 sq. ft. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The place has a finished basement, a formal dining room, and a updated kitchen. The backyard also has a place with the chicken coop. The place has a small showers and master bedroom. It has the most of Delaney’s look but it doesn’t quite seem to have many of their needs.

The two best parts are the lovely backyard and the basement, which would provide plenty of entertainment space.

House #3, $375,000

House Hunters Recap: Crazy about Chicken-3

This home has three bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. It has an unfinished basement, and popcorn ceilings, which Dean and Delany found in the second home. They hate popcorn ceiling. This place has a formal dining room and an unfinished basement. Delaney doesn’t like that it’s unfinished and doesn’t see them being able to afford to finish it right now. Dean says they could use it for storage, and then finish it later.

This place has high enough ceilings so that Dean doesn’t feel cramped in it. The entire kitchen has wood fixtures, so it’s a lot darker than they want. This place has a very lovely backyard, which would have plenty of room for the chicken coop.

Decision Time: House #1 seemed to be the one with most of their wish list items but the entire basement living situation seemed too weird and uncomfortable. House #2 had Delaney’s look preference but not much else. House #3 needed the most work but good bones.

House Hunters Recap: Crazy about Chicken-4

Dean and Delaney pick…House #3

They saw it as the best compromise home. They ended up buying it for $385,000 but have already spent over $500,000 in renovations.


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