House Hunters Recap: Waterfront Wanted in Florida

House Hunters Recap: Waterfront Wanted in Florida

House Hunters Cindy and Ralph have been married for 41 years. They have three children, one of them named Ralph Jr. who will be their real estate agent. Ralph and Cindy are proud grandparents of 14 children. They spent the last ten years renovating and customizing their current 6,600 sq. ft. home.

Cindy is now ready to move on to a new project in Cocoa, FL. They have a budget between $1.5 million and $2 million, but they want to stay closer to the $1.5 million range.

Wish Lists

We have a rare House Hunters where the husband and wife pretty much agree on their wish lists. The only slightly conflict is with the size and cost, and also move-in ready versus renovations. Ralph wants to downgrade. Cindy is all right with that, but she runs a non-profit. She wants to make sure she has enough space for fundraisers.

Cindy and Ralph want a home with a Mediterranean style. They want to stay in the Coca, FL/Merritt island area, especially because they want a place on a waterfront. be CindyRalph want easy access to the pool, a home gym, home theatre, space for the RV, and a four-car garage.

Cindy would also like a space to garden and to raise chickens.

House #1, $1.7 million

House Hunters Recap: Waterfront Wanted in Florida-1

This home looks like a movie mansion with 5,000 sq ft., 5.8 acres, and gorgeous hardwood flooring. This fabulous home had everything from luxurious outdoor pool to a gym, movie theater, and huge walk-in closets.

The only things missing from this home is a four car garage, any renovations projects, and a huge master bathroom.

House #2, $1.82 million

House Hunters Recap: Waterfront Wanted in Florida-2
This Mediterranean style 7,300 sq ft home with five bedrooms, and six and a half bathrooms looks like a palace fit for a prince and princess. It had high ceilings, and a gorgeous pool area with plenty of space for entertaining. The home doesn’t include a four car garage, or a dock. Both of those things would need to be added to the house. The home has no designated theater and gym rooms but plenty of potential space for them.

It has 2.3 acres of land and huge bathrooms.

House #3, $2 million

House Hunters Recap: Waterfront Wanted in Florida-3

This 4,818 sq. ft. Mediterranean style home has plenty of space for all the grandchildren. It comes with a potential gym area, and a designated theater room. The place has a four car garage, boat dock, and an updated kitchen.

This home also looks like a hotel but doesn’t have the right room sizes for it to be one. Cindy and Ralph agree that all the rooms are too small.

Decision Time: These houses were some of the most beautiful that we’ve seen on House Hunters. Each one was more gorgeous than the next. House #1 aka the mansion house was the most basic of the three choices. It was a great mansion but lacked a little bit of character. House #2 aka the palace was the most unique, spacious, and grand of the choices. It just needed the most renovations. House #3 aka the hotel lacked bedroom space but provided plenty of gorgeous waterfront views.

House Hunters Recap: Waterfront Wanted in Florida-4

Ralph and Cindy pick…House #2

Ralph and Ralph JR. negotiated the home down from $1.85 million to $1.35 million. They have already started renovations, which will cost them between $250,000 and $300,000.


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