House Hunters Recap: Seeking a Chef’s Dream Kitchen

House Hunters Recap: Seeking a Chef’s Dream Kitchen

In Orlando, Fl, Emily and Donovan have been dating for five months, but very much committed. The want to move out of their small apartment, where they raise two dogs and a few chickens, and into a bigger home. Emily is a chef who makes online cooking videos. She’s dubbed herself the Retro Rad chef. Donovan works in health insurance, but he has a passion for music.

Along with House Hunters, this duo will look for a new place that falls within their $450,000 budget.

Wish Lists

Donovan and Emily want a home with space for a rental unit. This will give them some supplementary income to pay down their mortgage. They want a separate music room for Donovan’s music practices. They also want a driveway big enough to fit their family’s RVs. Donovan bought Emily a bathtub, because she loves to bathe, so they want space to install it.

His: Donovan prefers craftsman style homes. He also wants the place to have an open floor plan.

Hers: Emily wants a mid-century modern home with a large kitchen for her cooking videos. She also wants a big yard to garden, and for their dogs to have outdoor space.

House #1, $400,000

House Hunters Recap: Seeking a Chef’s Dream Kitchen-1

This home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has large windows and an open concept. The place has plenty of curb appeal with the mid-century modern exterior design. It has a large, spacious master suite, but the bathroom doesn’t have enough room for the tub.

The place has plenty of natural lighting with the large windows. It’s missing kitchen space. The kitchen is open but not enough space and equipment for Emily’s videos. The driveway is also small, so it wouldn’t be able to fit the RVs. The place also doesn’t have extra space to rent out.

House #2, $450,000

House Hunters Recap: Seeking a Chef’s Dream Kitchen-2

This home was built in 1936. It has a bungalow style. This place has a porch, hardwood flooring, and high ceilings. The high ceilings makes this place look bigger than it is, but it’s not enough space for Donovan and Emily. This home doesn’t have an open concept, but it has a lot of old school charm.

The place has an updated kitchen but still too small for Emily. It has a small master suite with a weird layout. The home also comes with a shed that could be converted into Donovan’s music room or an extra apartment.

House #3, $450,000

House Hunters Recap: Seeking a Chef’s Dream Kitchen-3

This is a farmhouse with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Initially, Emily and Donovan notice how much the place needs renovations, including landscaping. It’s not completely open concept, but it has a lot of open space. The kitchen in this home is very retro, but still too small for Emily.

It has a huge master bathroom. The place also has a two-car garage that could turn into Donovan’s music room. It also has a coach house, and with a little cleaning, it could become a rental space. The home includes a large sunroom, which is one of the most appealing parts of this home. The driveway is a bit too small for RVs.

Decision Time: House #3 is at the top of their budget and needs work. However, it was the home that had most of their wish list items. House #2 had a lot of vintage charm but the master bedroom’s weird design made it less appealing. House #1 was very sleek, cool and modern, but it didn’t have an extra rental unit.

House Hunters Recap: Seeking a Chef’s Dream Kitchen-4

Emily and Donovan picked…House #3.

They ended up buying the home for $406,000 instead of $450,000. Donovan and Emily have started some renovations, like expanding the kitchen and giving it more open space. They’re also eventually going to work on the bathroom.


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