House Hunters Recap: Big Island Tiny Home

House Hunters Sheryl and Derek met at a coffee shop in San Francisco. Now she works as a graphic designer and he works as an IT guy for a healthcare company. They currently reside in Oakland, CA. Derek and Sheryl own a 1900 sq ft home, but they want to sell it for a tiny home in Hawaii.

The couple loves traveling and the easy breezy nature of Hawaii life, specifically Pahoa, HI. Sheryl and Derek want to go on a new adventure in Hawaii, with a tiny home, and while pursuing their passions for writing and art. They have a budget of $250,000.

Wish Lists

Derek and Sheryl want a place near the beach and in a secluded area. They want the inside of the tiny home to have hardwood floors, an open floor plan, a loft, and a large kitchen. Sheryl and Derek would also like high ceilings, a flushing toilet, space to create art, and a place to write.

His: Derek would prefer a 150 sq ft home that had a lot of natural wood. He wants a log cabin style home.

Hers: Sheryl wants a more modern style home with 400 sq ft.

House #1, $250,000

House Hunters Recap: Big Island Tiny Home-1

This home has a modern style and 475 sq ft. It’s made up of bamboo. The place costs an additional $3,000 yearly for access to some of the amenities and any repairs. The home is located in an artist community. It has cement floors, high ceilings, and a loft. It’s missing a kitchen, and it would cost an additional $20,000 to have one added.

The tiny home has a large bathroom with a nice big tub.

House #2, $125,000

House Hunters Recap: Big Island Tiny Home-3

This tiny home is located in a rainforest area, so it has plenty of seclusion. The home is also 550 sq ft and comes with an acre of land. It has lots of wood and looks exactly like a cabin. The bathroom is also large in this home. It also has an extra space that could convert to an art studio, writer’s room, or just a space to relax.

This tiny home also has a loft and a small kitchen. It would need to be remodeled and have changes made to it.

House #3. $450,000

House Hunters Recap: Big Island Tiny Home-3

This tiny home is an old shipping container that was converted into a tiny home. It’s about 160 sq ft with two buildings attached. These additional units can be rented out for supplementary income. The first apart is a studio and goes for $450 a week. It can fit up to six people. The second can fit up to eight and goes for $1,000 a week.

This place is bright and looks like a bunker. It’s very small and not much living space.

Decision Time: Derek and Sheryl believe that House #3 was just too small and expensive. However, the idea of renting out places makes the home seem more appealing. House #2 had plenty of space but it might be too secluded. House #1 was beautiful and modern, but it had no kitchen.

House Hunters Recap: Big Island Tiny Home-4

Sheryl and Derek picked…House #3.

They ended up paying $420,000 for it instead of $450,000. Derek and Sheryl made their small space work by buying small kitchen appliances and creating their art outside. Sheryl loves being a landlord, while Derek’s enjoying the domestic duties.


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