Report: Flip Or Flop Stars Want Season 8 Despite Drama

Flip Or Flop has reportedly been cancelled by HGTV, killing the hopes of a Season 8 installment in the very popular series, but maybe it’ll end up getting a push from the stars themselves.

Tarek and Christina on Flip Or Flop set - Source: Instagram

After things got rocky behind the cameras for Tarek and Christina El Moussa the end of “Flip Or Flop” appeared inevitable for HGTV’s hit show and the rumors soon appeared to support that idea.

Supposedly things just weren’t working on camera anymore and that lead to HGTV deciding against bringing things back for a Flip Or Flop Season 8. Instead it was reported the series would finish production on what had already been filmed for Season 7 and call it quits.

Now it seems Christina and Tarek are in fact willing and able to keep Flip or Flop going. The rumors had been that Christina had moved on to the point of shopping a designing show around to other networks, which didn’t make too much sense to me, but that might not have been accurate anyway. At least not according to TMZ:

We’re told reports “Flip or Flop” is dead in the water after season 7 just aren’t true, and Christina isn’t shopping around her own show either. The ratings are holding strong, after all.

Sources also tell us the former couple is excited for the attention the spin-offs will bring to their OG version, and that’s why they’re actively negotiating.

The first of the “Flip Or Flop” spinoffs starts this week with “Flip Or Flop Vegas” episodes so the interest could grow quickly again on the series and its stars. The rest of the other five spinoffs will be slowly rolled out over the next couple of years.

What do you think? Should the show fade out or could Flip Or Flop Season 8 still work for the two stars even if the audience expects much of the collaboration isn’t as genuine as we’re led to believe?


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