Flip Or Flop Nashville Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Downsize To Maximize

Page and DeRon have found a small house in an up and coming neighborhood in Nashville and they’ve got very high hopes for such a small place.

The small 3 bedroom ranch needs a ton of work on the outside to fit in with the other homes in the neighborhood. And as for the inside. Well, it looks like it barely survived the zombie apcoalypse. The floor is warped and the bedrooms are tiny. Actually, the bedrooms look like extra large closets. The kitchen doesn’t make any sense at all. The whole house is going to have to be reconfigured. Some walls are definitely going to have to come down, so it’s another total gut job.

DeRon wants to convert the house into a 2 bedroom, instead of a 3 bedroom since the rooms are so small. And they are going to have to stick with one bathroom. A two bedroom, one bath house in that neighborhood seems a bit risky to me. And they want this to be a quick flip, so they’re even going to be using some leftover materials. I really hope they’re ready to not sell this house.

At least they got the house for cheaper than the list price. It was listed for $160,000 and after some negotiated, hey got the sellers down to $145,000. And the renovation begins. And most of that involves getting rid of way too many mattresses. No one should have ever had that many mattresses. So weird.

The episode is just coasting along and I suddenly realize there have been no problems with the renovation. And then there’s a problem. The roofer finds some rotten wood when they were removing the old shingles. I thought this whole thing was going too smoothly. Silly me. Their budget takes a bit of a hit, but everything else seems to fall into place after some cold weather delays the hardwood installation just a bit.

And it’s done. That means it’s time for the reveal. It really is a small house, but they made it a gorgeous small house. Like their last renovation, they used black doors, window frames and cabinets, and I love it. I never thought I’d be into black cabinets, but it really works. I also love the new hardwood floors they picked out. The new bedrooms are much larger and the new bathroom, while not huge, is more than functional.

I think this is a great house overall. But it’s great as a starter home, probably in a neighborhood not so expensive. I’m getting concerned about this sale.

Now that the house is done, they get down to the numbers. After the $145,000 purchase price and $55,000 in renovations, they decide to list the house at $279,900. That would give them a profit of $59,900.

After what seemed to be a very successful open house, they tell us that they decided to list the house at $274,900. And as of the the last time they did any voice overs, there was no offer on the house. I had a feeling it would be a hard one to sell. Well that was an anticlimactic season finale.

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