Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 4 – Family Above All Else

Property Brothers Recap Season 12 Episode 4 - Family Above All Else

Last night on Property Brothers season 12, we watched as Drew and Jonathan helped Julie and Ryan find the home of their dreams. Ryan, who is from Nashville, are currently living with Ryan’s parents in order to save money for their own home. They are looking for something with an open floor plan and kid friendly. Their budget is $630,000. They go to look at a house out of their price range just for the inspiration. The huge island in the kitchen and the finishings throughout are popping out at them. They are having a hard time pinpointing their style. They have decided that they want a ranch style house with a garage.

The first house they look at is a four bedroom, three bathroom home with 2800 square feet and it sits on an acre and a half of land. The kitchen is a really odd layout and it’s really closed off where it currently sits. There is a huge room in the back of the house that Jonathan has decided should be used for the kitchen and the design idea is amazing! It would lead out to the back porch which is completely screened in and you can see the whole yard from it. It is listed at $489,900, but Drew thinks they can get it for about $470,000. The renovation of this house would take seven weeks and cost about $160,000.

After looking at a few more houses, they end up at a four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home with 2000 square feet of living space. The house sits on an acre and a half of land which leaves lots of space for their daughter and dog to run around. There is a lot to update in this home and it’s really closed off, but we have seen Jonathan work miracles in these situations. The kitchen is really closed off and needs some serious updating. The plan is to open the space up to make sure that everything flows nicely. The house is listed at $480,000 and the renovation would take about seven weeks and cost about $140,000. Drew thinks that they have to come in at $490,000 with their offer. They chose this house before taking time to think about it. This is what the house looked like before!

Gallery: ‘Before’ the Property Brothers Renovations

After making their offer and sending a sweet letter to the seller, their offer was accepted on the house. They get into the house with Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law for demo day. They start to open up the walls and everything seems to be fine. Jonathan mentions that he wants to open up the wall in the kitchen so that they can get an idea of what it will look like, but it’s a low-bearing wall all the way across, they will need to support it. Ryan tells Jonathan that his brother is a structural engineer and Jonathan has him go up and check out the attic to check out the situation. When he comes down, Jonathan asks him what he thinks and he tells him they should talk to Ryan first.

Meanwhile, here are the plans that Jonathan has for the inside of Ryan and Julie’s house!

Gallery: ‘Jonathan’s Designs’ for the Property Brothers Renovation

When Ryan’s brother, Patrick, comes back down from the attic, he tells Jonathan, Ryan and Julie that he isn’t sure what’s holding the ceiling up, because it sure isn’t this wall. He is obviously joking because he can’t keep a straight face and then tells them that he is kidding and that the wall is good to come down.

Jonathan notices a little bounciness in the kitchen floor. The subfloor doesn’t need to be replaced, which is going to save them $4000, but they have to reinforce the floors. It’s not going to cost that much to do so. Meanwhile, Julie and Ryan are having a hard time to deciding what to do with the ceiling because they would really like to vault them, but it’s going to cost way too much money to do that. They also can’t decide what to do with the fireplace brick. Julie wants the red brick but Ryan would like it to be painted.

Ryan has an important question for Jonathan, how big of a TV can he fit in the space given. Jonathan tells him that he can get a 60″ TV max for that space or else it’s going to look odd. After shopping for appliances, they head back to the house to decide what to do with the brick and beams in the living room, but they still can’t figure it out so Jonathan is going to figure it out for them.

Ryan and Julie come back later with some stuff for the inside of the house and Ryan’s brothers have a good idea on how to prank Ryan and Julie a bit. Ryan and Julie have voiced how they don’t like having picture of the brothers around due to the fact that there are currently pictures of them in their room at their parents house. They want to sneak a picture of them into the house somewhere, but then Ryan walks over and we don’t get anymore idea of how they plan on doing that. However, Jonathan gets his hands on a picture of them and they stick it right in the pantry for them to see.

It is move in day! Here is what the house looked like after Jonathan and his team renovated!

Gallery: ‘After’ the Property Brothers Renovation

Ryan thought the picture of his brothers above their wine fridge was pretty hilarious. The house came out amazing and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this transformation! Let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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