Flip or Flop Nashville, Flip or Flop Chicago & Flip or Flop Paradise Coming Soon

Flip or Flop Nashville hosts DeRon Jenkins and Page Turner. HGTV photo

As we previously announced, HGTV’s Flip or Flop franchise is expanding. We’ve already got Flip or Flop, Flip or Flop Vegas, Flip or Flop Atlanta and Flip or Flop Ft. Worth. And we’ll soon have Flip or Flop Nashville, Flip or Flop Chicago and Flip or Flop Paradise.

Man, that’s a lot of flipping and flopping.

Flip or Flop Nashville is currently slated for a February 2018 premiere. This version will be hosted by real estate expert Page Turner and her ex DeRon Jenkins, who is a former NFL cornerback who started his career with the Baltimore Ravens and ended it with the Tennessee Titans.

This will officially make two ex-couples hosting Flip or Flop. I guess flipping houses with your ex really is doable. Who knew?

Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins are busy house flippers in Nashville and Atlanta — and, they also happen to be exes. For this driven former couple, no job is too big, too small or too dirty. With a decade of partnership, this duo knows the real estate game inside and out, and they’re willing to fight the market — and maybe each other — to get top dollar and return on their investment. — HGTV

Page and DeRon’s pilot episode, Joined at the Flip, aired back in April and apparently was received well enough to get the green light from HGTV. Again, look for Flip or Flop Nashville to premiere in February 2018.

Flip or Flop Chicago hosts Liz and Mark Perez. HGTV photo

Flip or Flop Chicago also has a tentative February premiere date, but something tells me that isn’t right. Chicago’s hosting pair are actually not exes. They’re married couple Mark and Liz Perez, and according to HGTV, they’ve flipped more than 100 houses throughout the Chicago area.

Husband-wife team Mark and Liz purchase distressed houses in in the Chicago area — and frequently ones that other flippers might find too risky to take on. But with their building and design skills, and a lot of ingenuity, they turn them into gorgeous homes for resale, and at a price that new families in the area can afford. — HGTV


Flip or Flop Paradise hosts Chenoa and David Rivera. HGTV photo

And finally (for now) we’ve got Flip or Flop Paradise. It is scheduled to premiere in April 2018, but again, look for that to change. I’m guess it’ll be a summer premiere. The hosts are David and Chenoa Rivera and they do their flipping in Paradise, California. So don’t expect it to be house flipping in paradises all over the world.

“Paradise has tons of older homes that need a lot a love,” Chenoa says. “It’s a popular vacation spot that’s filled with outdated cabins, vacation rentals and bungalows that can be transformed into the perfect place to raise a family.”

For real estate experts Chenoa and David Rivera, Paradise, California is a flipper’s dream, but, they have to act fast! These full-time parents and full-time flippers are always on the go. Making quick decisions and smart moves to buy, renovate and get their latest flip back on the market in record time-without breaking the bank. Every house is a gamble-every sale is a win. — HGTV

Their pilot episode, then titled Flipping Paradise, first aired last April.


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