Flip Or Flop Atlanta Recap: Small Budget, Big Kitchen

Flip or Flop Atlanta’s latest episode was all about the kitchen. Anita and Ken found a brick ranch for $142,000 in an area with houses going for around $235,000.

So right away they were poised for quite a profit. But the 3-bedroom ranch is pretty simple and is a half a bath short of two full baths. So Anita and Ken know if they want to sell the house, they’re going to have to add a shower to the master bath and spend most of their time and money on the large kitchen.

Jason, the project manager, lets the flippers know that they’ll need about $5,000 for the exterior of the house and that’s just for a paint job and some new shutters. On the inside, the living room and bedrooms are pretty straight forward rooms, so they can save some money by only giving them some new paints and refinishing the hardwood floors.

As for the bathrooms, they’re looking at $2,500 for the full bath and $10,000 for the master bath and a closet they’ll need to add.

The screened-in porch and backyard will be nice selling points of the house, but we haven’t even gotten to the kitchen yet, so they’re going to keep the costs of the porch and yard at about $3,000 total.

Now onto the kitchen. As we already covered, the kitchen is large. So it has that going for it. But it will need a lot of TLC to become the home’s focal point. Anita and Ken decide to stick with the original cabinets to keep the kitchen renovation’s cost at $10,000.

If you’ve been counting, that makes the total reno at around $40,000 when you add in the cost of the living room and bedroom work. That makes them really tight, so they cannot go over budget (sure they can’t).

It’s time to get started on the house. After some light demolition, they headed outside where they painted the brick white and put up some new shutters. I don’t love the white brick. I don’t think that was necessary to paint it, but Anita and Ken always paint brick.

Let’s go back inside. Opening up the kitchen to the living room as a great idea. After they opened it up, Anita decides the cabinets aren’t going to work. Ken thinks it will cost too much money. Anita thinks it won’t sell without the kitchen being perfect (aka scripted dilemma!) So of course they’re going to put in new cabinets. So that makes another $10,000.

Hey, if you want to wow the buyers with the kitchen, then you have to do the kitchen right.

On day 41 the house is done. It’s time for the walk-through.

I don’t like the outside as much as before, but the inside is incredible, especially considering that they didn’t spend much time on the living room and bedrooms. The kitchen really makes the house and that’s what will sell it.

They decide to list the house at $239,900 and go right into the open house. The open house went very well. Everyone loved it.

After multiple offers on the house, they sold the house for $260,000. Whoa. That must have been some bidding war for the house to go for that much more. That means they made $68,000 on the house.

What did you think of the house after Ken and Anita were finished with it?

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