Fixer Upper Recap: Season 4 Episode 3 – Couple’s First Home!

Fixer Upper Recap Season 4 Episode 3 - Couple's First Home!

In this episode of Fixer Upper season 4, Chip and Joanna Gaines are working with the Yieldings and this couple is looking to buy their first home together. Their wish list includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, Melissa wants a big open floor plan and Matt is looking for a big backyard for their dogs. They have an all in budget of $190,000.

This should be pretty easy to accomplish and Chip and Joanna get to work showing them some houses. The first house is called the “Great Divide” and this is because it looks like a duplex and has two entrances. It’s got four bedrooms, two baths and it’s going for $125,000. The living room used to be a garage and it has a pretty big echo in it. The kitchen is super small and Joanna tells them she would actually move it to what is currently the living room. She also warns them that most of their money for renovations would go to the kitchen and master bed because they would have to combine two rooms together. The yard is gorgeous and very big.

The second house is called the “See Through” house because when you open the front door, you can see directly out the back door. It’s very open on the inside, but Melissa hates the outside of the house. It is a three bedroom, two bath and is going for $129,000 which leaves them a decent budget for renovations. The kitchen is pretty big, but it’s very closed off so Joanna tells them she would open that up and space it out better. The master bedroom is awesome, but you can see into the bathroom which is kind of weird. They yard on this house is also very big.

The third house is called the “Gray Ranch House” and it’s a three bedroom, two back and they are asking $130,500 for this house. The kitchen is hideous and it’s very closed off from the living room so what Joanna tells them she would like to relocate the kitchen to one side of the room and knock down the wall to open it up to the living room. The master bathroom is the only other problem with this house, it is the size of a closet, but Joanna tells them that she would knock out some space from the closet behind it and open it up more. The yard on this house is the biggest of the three houses.

The Yieldings choose the Gray Ranch House and here are the before pictures!

Gallery: ‘Before’ Fixer Upper Photos

So the plan with this house is to move all the kitchen appliances over to one wall, put a big island in to separate it from the dining area and then knock down the wall that separates the kitchen and living room to open it up. Joanna also wants to make that master bathroom much bigger and put a double vanity in it. It’s a lot of work, but they get to it pretty quickly.

Demolition day is here and they are gutting the kitchen and master bath. They also have to relocate the water heater and the HVAC systems to the attic. Joanna brings Matt and Melissa in to show them the design plans for the house. She tells them that the budget that they have for the renovations is perfect for this project. Joanna also mentions that if there is room in the budget she wants to put something like an antique door in the living room to the laundry room or a glass shower door. They tell her they would rather have the antique door.

Joanna is able to get the antique door, which needed to have four layers of paint sanded off of it, but it adds to the charm of the house when the design is done. I have to say the amount of work they put into this house is astonishing. They not only stayed on budget with this project, but they also got it done faster than they anticipated. When you look at this “after” pictures, you are going to be blown away. Are you ready?

Gallery: ‘After’ Fixer Upper Photos

What do you think of the job the Gaines’ did on this adorable ranch house? Look at that antique door in the living room picture and all that cabinet space in the kitchen. Not to mention how open the living room, dining room and kitchen are. There is some great natural light in the house, it really came out amazing! Let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!


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