Love It Or List It Recap: Shelly And Zahid Are Hard To Please

Photos Courtesy of HGTV

Shelly and Zahid have a huge house with the perfect view of a large pond. The problem, however, is their house is stuck in the 1980s. They’ve had it with their dated abode and are ready to “Love It Or List It.”

Of course they’re both on opposite camps at the moment. What would the show be without that drama after all? Zahid thinks the house is fixable, but Shelly thinks it’s time for them to move on and look for something more modern and move-in ready.

Aside from the 1980s architecture and design, the couple has a lot of other problems with the house. Their kid has too many toys so he needs a place for those. Shelly needs a bigger closet and a place for family to watch movies. Zahid needs a bigger office that’s not right off their bedroom. He likes the view of the pond, so he’s open to staying put after some upgrades. Shelly reiterates that just wants to move and start over.

Enter realtor David and designer Hilary to help the family decide what they should do.

Let’s get to my least favorite part (and theirs, I’m sure) of these shows. The numbers. Their current value of their house is $480,000. They are giving Hillary a budget of $125,000 to make the house meet their very high standards. As for David, he needs to find them the perfect dwelling for $650,000. Don’t forget the lake, pond or ocean view, David!

Hilary comes up with her plan and it comes in at the $125,000 budget. But only if she doesn’t add the additional bathroom she wants. If she adds one more bathroom, the house needs a new septic tank. And that’s an extra $10,000 that Shelly and Zahid aren’t willing to fork out.

David takes the family to House #1 (aka filler house that was never an option). Immediately they tell him that’s not their taste. They’re ready to leave before they even get started on the tour. They’re never going to be interested in this house. Let’s just skip the scripted reactions and all of David’s sass and move on to the next segment.

After David’s disappointing start, they head home to hear Hilary’s plan. Her ideas are a lot better received than David’s first showing. Wait. I was wrong. More scripted arguments. These two are very picky, so Hilary’s pretty awesome plans aren’t working out either. I’d walk out on them, personally, but I’m not being paid to work on a TV show, so let’s move on.

It’s time to check out the second house option. It’s a fantastic house but they’re busy whining about not have a view of water. Oh, boo freaking hoo. These two are spoiled brats. They hate this house. Let’s just go back to Hilary.

The renovation has already begun, which makes me very nervous since the homeowners are huge infants. They come in and freak out at the renovation going on but are easily calmed when they see how open the floor plan is now. Of course Hilary ruins the mood when she mentions putting Zahid’s office anywhere other than a dark corner of the attic. Shelly just doesn’t want Zahind to be anywhere near her when he’s working, apparently. So Hilary gets back to work.

David finally finds THE house. It’s modern from top to bottom and it has everything they wanted. Which means this was the house all along and the others were just filler as I stated. They have no issues with the house, which leads me to think they’re really going to want this house. The house is $700,000, which is over their “budget” but I think they can talk it out in their Porsche during their drive home and figure out how to make the price work.

But before they decide on the new house, they have to see what Hilary has been up to. It’s time for the walkthrough on their current home.

As soon as they walk through the door, the renovation gets an “Oh my goodness” from Shelly. So that’s already good sign. The new living room and kitchen are amazing. The rooms have been opened up and are only divided by a double gas-burning fireplace. Shelly and Zahid are oving it. I’m starting to think that with all these oohs and ahhs and  the pond out back (David’s big find had no water feature), they may be convinced to Love It instead of List It.

But first, back to the numbers. The $480,000 house can now be listed at $699,000 after the $125,000 renovation. So they’d actually be making money on the house and only be $1,000 shy of the asking price for the other house. This must be a tough decision.

So what is their decision? They’ve decided to Love It!

I love it too. I think the other house was great, but Hilary really outdid herself with the existing house. It is now a modern and livable space for two very picky people. And don’t forget the water feature. Priorities, priorities.

Would you have loved it or listed it?

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