Property Brothers: Buying & Selling Recap: Episode 6 – Nashville Trade In

Property Brothers Buying & Selling Recap Episode 6 - Nashville Trade In

We started last night’s episode of Property Brothers: Buying & Selling off with Drew and Jonathan Scott getting to Kim and Tim’s home. With their daughters getting older, they need more space so that they can have more privacy. The house they live in is very nice, but it isn’t big enough for them and it looks outdated regardless of the home only being 13 years old.

In order for Jonathan to get to work, Drew needs to find them their dream home. They want to sell their current home for around $500,000, but Drew tells them without these updates, they won’t get more than $400,000 for it. This is what the house looked like before Jonathan got to work on it!

Gallery: Before the Property Brothers: Buying & Selling Renovations

The house is very cluttered and it’s super dark because of the paint and the dark hardwood floors. There is also a second entrance to the house which leads to a room that was converted to a hair salon. This home is located in Nashville which is very artsy and modern, Jonathan has his work cut out for him too because Kim doesn’t want him to cut down the bushes that she has put up in the front of the house to keep out the commercial noise from the area. Jonathan hates the bushes because there is no curb appeal, but they are able to come to a compromise. She told him he can cut down the ones in the front of the house, but the ones on the front of the property have to stay.

When they talked numbers at the first house, Drew was wondering why they wanted to sell their current house for so much, but they only want to spend $400,000 for the new house. Kim explains to Drew that right now Tim is working three jobs and they would really like to pay off the current loan and buy the house outright to ease some of the burden on Tim. Drew instantly understand and hadn’t realized that Tim was working three jobs to make things work for their family.

The first house they looked at was out of their budget, but Drew thought that he would give it a try anyways and that’s when he realized that their budget was set for a good reason. The second house they saw was nice, but the third bedroom was actually a small apartment in the basement of the house and Kim didn’t like the idea of one of the girls having their own private entrance this young. The third house really seemed to meet their needs, but Kim really wanted to have a master bathroom. The master bedroom did have a good sizes living area off of it that could be converted.

In the end, they went with the third house, but they were really worried about whether Jonathan was able to update their original home enough to get the $500,000 they wanted. Want to see the updates that Jonathan did to the house to make it more modern and brighter? You’re going to be blown away! Here they are:

Gallery: After the Property Brothers: Buying & Selling Renovations

The hair salon was also transformed into a bedroom. After the renovations, Drew thinks that he can list their house at $500,000 and maybe get a little more for it. However, the offer that they put in for the house they wanted to buy was declined. It was listed at $375,000 and they offered $365,000, but the seller came back and counter offered with $370,000 and a 30 day closing. This still gives them enough money to do the updates to the new house. They are really excited about this and take the counter offer.

Drew has an open house at the original house and he got two some great offers. The first is for full list price, but asked for a two month possession time, Kim and Tim aren’t thrilled about having to wait two months. The second offer is for $520,000, $20,000 over asking, but they want to take possession of the house in 10 days. This seems like a no-brainer and it is, Kim and Tim take the offer of $520,000 with a 10 day possession period.

Can you believe the huge changes in the house? Let me know what you thought of last night’s episode of Property Brothers: Buying & Selling in the comments below!



    • Hi Tim! I really enjoyed this episode of Property Brothers: Buying and Selling and I’m really excited that you found my recap. Watching you and your family’s journey through this process was great. I’m sure it was pretty nerve-wracking for you guys. I hope all is well with you and your family.

      • Yeah, the whole experience is ridiculous! After they film the opening we really have 2 days to pack up EVERYTHING! They actually also worked on our master bedroom (floors, doors) and our daughter’s room (floors, doors, paininting and staged as well) but due to time constraints, didn’t show any of that. So EVERY room in our house (except the attic and our master closet) had to be cleared out! (And that doesn’t even touch the stress the next 3 months were before it was completed and all the paperwork finalized!)

        • I couldn’t even begin to imagine what you, Kim and your daughter’s had to go through. I go into these shows knowing that there is a lot that they don’t show us and you really never think about that side of things. I at least hope that the stress was worth it in the end and you don’t have any regrets going through this experience. Every once in a while, for various reasons, you do hear horror stories from people who go through these experiences. I hope that this experience has given you and your family everything you dreamed of and more =).

    • My mom called me into the room to watch the episode because she said I reminded her a lot of Kenya. We have very similar styles (although my head is shaved!) and it seems like she’s close to my age. It would be nice to connect with her someday, I’m sure we’d get along!

  1. Your family seem to be nice people. But I was getting a little upset with wife getting so upset about the yard. Yes, it is her yard but you don’t ask for help….one needed to let it go. When you want to move you have to let all of the house go. your home is where your love ones are. But other then the little break down wife had, It was a good show. May it all work out and hugs to all the family.

  2. My mom called me into the room to watch the episode because she said I reminded her a lot of Kenya. We have very similar styles (although my head is shaved!) and it seems like she’s close to my age. It would be nice to connect with her someday, I’m sure we’d get along!

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