Fixer Upper Recap: Season 4 Episode 4-Retiring to the Country

Fixer Upper Season 4 Episode 4 Stephanie and John Eberle with Joanna Gaines

This episode of Fixer Upper season 4 focused on country living, and finding the right place to settle. We witnessed a lot of Chip’s typical antics, but for the most part, it was business as usual. This was one of the Gaines most challenging projects, because Joanna had big plans for this country dream home. The house was completely flipped on this episode of Fixer Upper.

Joanna and Chip traveled to Waco, Texas to help married couple John and Stephanie Eberle find their new forever home. They wanted a place in Waco because their children go to school nearby and they have a lot of friends in that area. This new home would be where the Eberles retire, so it was critical that Joanna and Chip found the perfect place for them.

John and Stephanie wanted a smaller place than their old home. They also needed this house to be in a friendly area, close to amenities, and they hoped for a beautiful kitchen. The first home, Chip called “Big Country, ” because it felt the most like a Texan space, according to the Gaines and the Eberles. It was built in 1959, had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and costs about $260,000. The Eberles’ initial budget was $540,000, so they would have plenty of money left over for major renovations. The house would definitely need them.

As Joanna showed John and Stephanie the place, huge flaws yelled out. It had cracked ceilings, chipped paint, and some odd odors. Joanna revealed that the home would have a complete remodeling. She wanted to turn the entrance way into the master bedroom, and then turn master bedroom into the kitchen, entrance, and living room. The “Big Country” home would also get a complete exterior update.

Fixer Upper Season 4 Episode 4 Stephanie and John Eberle with Joanna and Chip Gaines

The second home, “River Front” house, felt and looked like an 80s dream. Joanna also mentioned that it looked more like a place you would find in Colorado than one you would find in Texas. The “River Front” was built in 1987, and had three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The homeowners were asking for $289,000. Joanna wanted to raise the floors and expand the small kitchen.

The houuse had two staircases, one normal and one spiral. Joanna would remove the spiral one to give John and Stephanie more space, and she would extend the master bedroom and other areas, annd update the living room.

The third and final home, the “City House,” was the biggest of the three. It was built in 1974, also had three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and the homeowners wanted $330,000 for it. The “City House” had a greenhouse and a pool, which Joanna wanted to update to make fit better with the home’s look. John and Stephanie immediately eliminate this place because it was just too big for them. Now it was decision time.

They picked…the “Big Country” house!

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John said that the land is what sold him on the place. Stephanie said that she could really see Joanna’s vision for the home, and was eager to see it unfold. Chip gets excited about taking the entire house down. As he deconstructs the place, he notices that wasps have been living inside it. So, so, so many wasps.

Joanna said in the planning stages that with this project, she wants the home to highlight the amazing land. The outside will be a big focal point. Joanna visits her friend Clint at Harp Design Co. for some new tables. He plans to use reclaimed wood to create these tables.

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Midway through the project, Joanna changes her mind on the all white bathroom. She decides to go more with a distressed look for it. On the big reveal day, Joanna and Chip wow the Eberles with a totally new, dazzling home. They comment on the Austin Stone look running throughout the place and how this is the loveliest kitchen they’ve ever owned.

The outside patio area is just gorgeous with open space, and a table for gatherings and staring at the pond. The additional bonk bedroom is a little touch of fun to the very cozy, sophisticated new home. This is one of Chip’s favorite projectS, and it might be one of ours as well.

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