Fixer Upper Recap: Season 4 Episode 1- A Dog Loving Couple Searches for Their First Home

Fixer Upper Season 4 Episode 1-Andrew and Brittany Chapman

On this Fixer Upper, Joanna and Chip enjoy some quiet time on the farm before heading out to meet Andrew and Brittany Chapman. Andrew is a high school teacher and Brittany works for a non-profit. The couple have a budget of $450,000, and they’re really looking for their “forever home.” Right now, it is just Brittany, Andrew, and their dogs. However, they want to make sure the home has enough room for their future family.

The couple ideally wants a space that has four bedrooms, enough living space, and enough space for their dogs. The first place Joanna and Chip show the Chapmans is a house Chip dubs the “Floor Story Home” because of the constantly changing flooring patterns. The house doesn’t have much of a front yard, and they would have to share their garage with the neighbors. The backyard is very spacious and beautiful. The home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, was built in 1974, and the owners only want $199,000 for it.

Fixer Upper-Season 4 Episode 1 Couple

Brittany and Andrew comment that the second home, “Crepe Myrtle Cottage,” has very quiet streets. They both really love the trees in the front yard. Chip tries to climb the tree to test its climbability. It takes him awhile to finally get up it. The kitchen inside the home is a lot smaller than the one from the Floor Story Home, but this home has consistent titling patterns. It was built in 1959, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and costs about $200,000.

The third and final home is the “Cargo Ship Home.” It also has beautiful trees and a small kitchen (even smaller than the Crepe Myrtle Cottage). This home was built in 1958, and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The owners’ asking price is $285,000.

It’s decision time for Brittany and Andrew. They go with…the Cargo Ship Home!

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Joanna negotiates the price down to about $266,000, which leaves them with about 183,000 for renovations. During the renovations, Chip mentions how Joanna’s plans to remodel the home include lifting the roof, so he has to trim the trees a bit. We get a montage of Chip’s semi-disastrous tree chopping skills.

The changes also involve new stairs, so Chip visits a friend for help. The biggest issue Chip and his team face is putting in the sliding doors. They end up having to cut some of the door to get it to fit.

During the reveal, Brittany and Chip anxiously wait to see their new home. Joanna and Chip work wonders as the kitchen is now open and much bigger. We see a bigger, open master bedroom that includes new large windows.

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The Gaines make the kitchen a lot more modern with new everything, including a sink–which Andrew says he’ll use most because he does the dishes. The coolest addition (and one that Brittany is most excited about) is the dog room. There is a whole room within the bathroom area for the dogs to get bathe and relax.

The outside of the home also has a new rocking chair and a lot more outside space. Brittany and Andrew love their new forever home.

Fixer Upper fans, let us know what you think of Andrew and Brittany’s new home in the comment section! What changes did you love the most?