Fixer Upper Recap: Season 4 Episode 11-Sweet Surprise at the Silos

Fixer Upper Season 4 Episode 11 Joanna and Chip Bake

On this episode of Fixer Upper season 4, Joanna and Chip decide to return to the silos. We get a trip down memory lane as the duo start to make a bakery for their children. It’s a sweet surprise as a floral shop becomes a traditional bakery on Fixer Upper.

This episode starts with Joanna telling us how the four children love to bake; it’s one of their favorite activities to do with her. She mentions how no one wants Chip in the kitchen because all he does is eat the food. Joanna and Chip then drive back to the silos: Joanna has a new project for them.

She wants to revisit RoseTree Floral. Chip begins to reminisce on how he used to visit it often to buy roses for Joanna while they were dating in college. Once they get to the rundown shop, Joanna says that one of her longtime dreams was to open a bakery, so she wants to turn the RoseTree Floral shop into one. Without much hesitation, Chip agrees to the idea, and the renovations begin.

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Joanna wants to keep the integrity and history of the original shop. Her dream is to make this bakery as close to a traditional, classic one as possible. While demolishing the original building, Chip runs into his first major issue: There are gaping holes in the floor. Instead of trying to salvage them, they decide to just add new flooring. Joanna is okay with this idea because she feels that they have enough of the classic elements to stay true to her vision.

The Gaines enlist a couple of their friends (and some series regulars) to help with this ordeal. The first is their friend Terry, who they visit to get old ceiling tiles. As Chip works on the interior and exterior of their new bakery, Joanna works on the recipes for it.

She develops about 20 to 30 new cupcake flavors, which she wants to narrow down to about 6 or 8. She lets Chip taste them to help her make her final decisions. Joanna continues to work on making everything feel like it has the over 100 year history. So they enlist Clint from Harp Design Co. to help restore antique doors. They then get their third friend, Dustin, involved to help design and install shelves.

Chip wants to get more involved with the designing process, so he asks Joanna to let him design the shelves, and he can then surprise her with the results. She agrees to it but gives him specific instructions. Together Dustin and Chip create a shelving idea that they both love. However, when Dustin comes in to install the shelves, Chip gets a surprise.

Joanna went to Dustin (without Chip’s knowledge) and created a completely new design. It’s more basic, but Joanna tells them that she now wants to create 10 cupcake flavors, so she needed more shelving space. Chip seems a little disappointed that she changed his design, but they move on from it.

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The episode ends with the Gaines bringing their children to the bakery reveal. They are all amazed, excited, and delighted by the new bakery design. They’re even more excited about all the treats they get to eat. Each of them says that one day they hope to work at the new Silos Baking Company.

So Fixer Upper fans, what did you think of Joanna and Chip’s new bakery? Will you be visiting it? Let us know by commenting in the comment section!