Fixer Upper: Behind the Design Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 – The Holmes Home

Fixer Upper Behind the Design Recap Season 1 Episode 5 - The Holmes Home

This week on Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, we took a look at the house the Chip and Jo did for Jimmy Don’s son, Jake. If you missed the original episode, you can find our full recap right here to take a look!

In this episode of Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, we watched as Chip and Jo turned this tiny little bungalow into a retreat for Jake. Jake described himself as a mountain man, but he loved a lot of the modern touches. One of the spaces that we took a look at in this episode was the kitchen. Jo put a bar top in with some stools which is going to tie into the rest of the counter space. There are lower cabinets that wrap around the kitchen and all the appliances are stainless steel. She also had Jimmy Don make some metal plates for the front of the cabinets and drawers to give it an industrial feel.

They found some extra money in the budget and decided to make Jake with a hangout spot off to the side of the house with a firepit. With the view that surrounds this house, it is going to be something that he can really enjoy after a long day of work. This was something that wasn’t included in the original episode so make sure you check out the photo gallery below to see how it came out!

They changed the roof line of this house which makes it really tall and the master bedroom’s ceilings are higher and not so awkward. However, downstairs in the kitchen, the metal on the cabinets and drawers appear to be two-toned so Jo has to have Jimmy Don replace some of them in order to make them all match.

In order to really tie these two styles together, Jo has some great decor to put into the house. Unfortunately, the couch she had them bring isn’t going to work for this space. She has to send that and the barstools back to the warehouse and have a leather sofa and new stools brought in. Luckily the rest of Jo’s design plans work out for this house. While setting everything up, Jo mentions adding some touches of white with some pottery in the kitchen to break up all the dark colors.

It is time for the reveal to Jimmy Don and Jake! Here are some of the highlights of this episode of Fixer Upper: Behind the Design including the never before seen fire pit hang out!

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