House Hunters Recap: Family First in Ft. Lauderdale

House Hunters Recap: Family First in Ft. LauderdaleSometimes the couples on House Hunters win you over so much  that you become really invested in their home buying journey. Barak and Diana were one of those couples. Barak’s playful personality mixed with Diana’s real estate know how just made us root for them. We wanted them to find the perfect home, and have it be under budget.

Barak and Diana have been married for five years, and they currently have two boys, but may have plans for more in the future. Diana is a real estate agent and Barak is a chiropractor. With their businesses both on an upward spiral, now is the best time for them to settle and find a home.

Wish Lists

They want a four bedroom, three bedroom home that has a Spanish ranch style. They want it to be located as close as possible to their family in the area. They’re hoping for a home near Plantation, FL. Ideally, they want a place with a big backyard, a pool, and a formal dining area.

Hers: Diana wants a fixer upper, because she doesn’t think that they can find anything move-in ready at their budget. She wants a garage and a defined space–no open concept palces. She also wants a light kitchen with bright cabinets (but they don’t have to be white).

Him: Barak wants a move-in ready place, and he doesn’t think they need a garage.

Their budget is between $350,000 and $390,000.

House #1, $369,700

House Hunters Recap: Family First in Ft. Lauderdale

The most appealing feature of this home is the huge windows placed strategically in the master bedroom and living room. There was also a ton of extra space that could be transformed into either more play space or an office. It also includes a huge backyard.  It’s located very close to Diana’s parents. The home is quite nice for that price range in FL.

However, it only has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also lacks a pool, and it’s an  open concept home, which Diana really doesn’t want right now. The bedrooms are also about aveage size, but the master had plenty of space. The popcorn ceiling is a major feature that Barak doesn’t like.

House #2, $375,000

House Hunters Recap: Family First in Ft. Lauderdale

This home is far from Plantation but fit their design aesthetic; it is a ranch-modern home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The place has an open concept with a huge garage for storage. The master bedroom in this place is gorgeous, especially with the bathroom that has a shower with two showerheads. All the bedrooms in this place look attractive, and they’re a decent size. The kitchen is nearly perfect with the modern appliances and light atmosphere.

The biggest setback for this place is the distance. It is just too far from their ideal location. Everything else about the place his hit all their boxes.

House #3, $415,000

House Hunters Recap: Family First in Ft. Lauderdale

This home is huge with five bedrooms and three bedrooms. However, it is colonial style and not a ranch. It has stairs right at the entrance, plenty of space, a fireplace in the living room, and formal dining area. It’s also not open concept.

The garage also has plenty of storage space and a washer-dryer unit. It also has a large pool.

Decision Time: We would have absolutely picked Home #2. It was  under budget, gorgeous, and more than enough space. House #1 is fine as well, but Barak and Diana didn’t seem to love it as much as they did House #2 and House #3. House #3 just seemed way over budget and not their desired style.

Color us shocked when they picked…House #3!

Their real estate agent (also Diana’s mentor) got them a unbelievable deal. She got the price dropped from $415,000 to $390,000-right at the top of their budget.