Trading Spaces Recap: Season 9 Episode 6 – Pizza Boards & Industrial Doors

Trading Spaces Recap Season 9 Episode 6 - Pizza Boards & Industrial Doors

Last night on Trading Spaces season 9 we watched as Legacy Designer, Laurie Smith and newcomer Sabrina Soto helped two sets of young parents renovate one room in each other’s home. Tressa & Dave want their living room renovated and Nicole & Mike need their dining room to get an overhaul.

Tressa & Dave are working with Sabrina and Brett and Nicole & Mike are working with Laurie and Joanie. Clearing out the rooms goes fairly well until Paige accidentally breaks a lamp in Tressa & Dave’s house. Sabrina shows Tressa & Dave the new color for the walls of their room, it’s a light silver. Meanwhile, Laurie is doing her paint reveal and it’s going to work with French grey which has a hint of green in it. Both colors are very nice and Laurie also has some great fabrics to incorporate into this space.

One of the things that Sabrina really wants for their space is a riddling rack which is a rack to hold champagne and wine bottles. Meanwhile, Paige is bringing Nicole & Mike to the tent and they pick out a bench for seating. Meanwhile, Laurie has Joanie building an enclosure to go around the television stand. Back on Team Sabrina, they are using pizza paddles for Nicole & Mike’s house because Nicole is from Italy. They are trying to make them look antique and while doing so, Tressa accidentally breaks one. They are going to glue it together and try and save it. After looking for wood glue, Tressa comes back with wine as a peace offering.

Laurie has found a mid-century inspired couch for their space and it looks comfy, but Nicole isn’t sure how she feels about how old it looks. Sabrina and Dave are working on something for Nicole & Mike’s dining room. It’s a family name board that they are using printed letters and glue to transfer onto a piece of wood. Later, Dave & Tressa are at the tent picking out something for Nicole & Mike’s dining room and they come across these great looking lantern type lights that could be plugged in on the buffet.

It is time for homework! Laurie has the television surround is being put in and Nicole & Mike have to prime and paint it. Meanwhile, Sabrina has Tressa & Dave doing a gallery wall for Nicole & Mike. The next day, we see that the wall-unit has been installed and they are working on the molding for it with Laurie walks in. Sabrina is checking to see if the family name board for the dining room area came out, but it doesn’t look like it did. After some determination, they are able to get the paper to come up and the ink has stayed on the board. Brett is finishing up the riddling rack and helping put the pizza boards back together because Sabrina broke the other one.

It is load in time! They are decorating and finishing up some last minute things for their spaces! Are you ready to see what they look like? Here they are!

Gallery: Nicole & Mike’s Dining Room

Gallery: Tressa & Dave’s Living Room

Team Sabrina came in at $1864.90 and they absolutely love their dining room and Nicole is super emotional about her new dining room. Team Laurie came in at $1994.00 and Tressa & Dave are taken aback by their new room and they don’t seem to like their room at all. They really seem to have mixed feelings about their space.