Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 7 – Floored by the Renovation

Property Brothers Recap Season 12 Episode 7 - Floored by the Renovation

Last night on Property Brothers season 12, Drew and Jonathan helped a hopeless couple find their dream home. Patrick and Julie had looked at 200 properties and were outbid 14 times in their search. On top of that, their condo sold much quicker than they expected and they have been forced to stay with Julie’s parents. There is another problem there, her parents just sold their house too and Patrick and Julie only have about a month to find something. Their budget is one million dollars.

Some of the things on their wish list are close to public transit, because neither of them drive. Julie would really like a crafting place, they would both like an open floor plan and lots of storage. Julie wants a kitchen that is sleek and low maintenance. She doesn’t care of all the flashy stuff. One of the things that Patrick would really like is a wall mounted television in the living room.

The first house they look at is a 1300 square foot, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an extra kitchen. That would obviously be taken out, but it has a lot of space. The layout of the house would have to be changed and there is a hump in the floor which means there is some kind of structural damage. Jonathan has a plan to open the whole main floor and switch things around. There is a rental space upstairs with the extra kitchen, but they would change it up to a bedroom. The house is listed at $800,000, but will sell closer to $820,000 and the renovations will cost $180,000.

They look at a few more houses before coming to a 1000 square feet, four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also has a finished basement. The plan for this house is to open up the entire first floor and put in a coat closet near the front door. The kitchen has to be redone, but it will stay a galley style kitchen. The yard is really big and Patrick is excited about having parties and barbecues. Julie isn’t thrilled about the area because it’s a little suburban. This house is listed at $850,000, but it’s going to sell around $880,000, but the renovation would only cost $100,000 which would leave $200,000 in their budget. In the end, they decide on this house and Drew puts in the offer of $880,000.

The seller countered at $900,000 which would put them at their budget, but it would end their house hunting. Julie and Patrick accept the offer and this is what the house looked like before Jonathan got his crew in there.

Gallery: ‘Before’ the Property Brothers Renovations

During the demo, Jonathan finds some pretty bad craftsman shift, but not bug issues until Jonathan started pulling the carpet up on the stairs. Jonathan finds original flooring that may contain asbestos. Jonathan tells Patrick and Julie that they are going to call the demo for today and have some samples tested to see what they find.

While they wait on the asbestos testing to come back, Jonathan’s guys are putting in the beams in the living room. Jonathan has gotten the test results back and there is asbestos in the stairs that lead to the basement. There are two ways they can handle it, they can have an abatement team come in and rip them out or they can just have them cleaned and recarpeted which would save them $2000. They decide to just have them cleaned and carpeted.

There are some other hits to the budget though, the HVAC system is a mess and some of the electrical has been updated, but some of the old stuff is still in the house. He tells them that it could be $5-10,000 on the electrical alone, the HVAC has to be looked at in order to find out how much that is going to cost. Jonathan tells them that he is going to have some experts come in and check out the HVAC and electrical. Once all the electrical and HVAC done, they can close up the ceilings and walls.

Drew and Linda are bringing Julie to a quilting guru to get some ideas about how her quilting and crafting room should be set up. A little later, Patrick and Julie stop by the house to get the news on the electrical and HVAC system. The electrical wasn’t that big of a project because 70% of the electrical was properly updated, the rest of it only ended up costing $250 to finish. The HVAC system was a little bit bigger of a project, but still only cost $1800. While they are there, Jonathan gives Patrick a sneak peek of the floors. Patrick is a floor guy.

The came before some more bad news, the water meter in their house is really old and the city wants it to be upgraded to an outdoor meter. This also means that the water line has to be moved and it’s currently embedded in concrete. That’s going to cost $1400 to relocate. It has to be done.

Julie’s parents sold their house to downgrade to an apartment, but they have always been big garden people so Julie and Patrick are putting in a garden area in their yard for her parents to use in the spring. The cabinets and counter tops for the kitchen are being installed, the carpeting is going in on the basement stairs and this project just needs some finishing touches and it’s ready for the big reveal! This is what Julie and Patrick’s house looks like now!

Gallery: ‘After’ the Property Brothers Renovation

Julie and Patrick’s house hunting is finally over and even though Julie wasn’t too thrilled about the location, the renovation won her over! Let me know what you think of this transformation in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!



  1. I know the buyer has the money and the say so, but why didnt the brothers insist on an inspection? As long as I’ve watch these programs I’ve always heard the host mention getting inspections. This seem to be a set up, I understand the shows are scripted but I have to say I was really ti ked off!

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