Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: That Sinking Feeling

Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: That Sinking FeelingThis week’s Flip or Flop Vegas was all about modern-reto. Aubrey and Bristol wanted to remodel a 70s style home that they bought from a private sale. The home is about 1600 square feet, it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and was built in 1977. The asking price is $200,000.

Aubrey decides to just give the owner his asking price because this style of home usually costs a lot more. Plus she knows that the sooner they close on it, the quicker they can get to renovations.

The home is not in the worst condition, but the floors really need a lot of work. The kitchen and bathrooms are fairly small, so Aubrey wants to remove the walls to kitchen and dining area to add more space. Based on the layout of the bathroom, Bristol and Aubrey can’t really give them too much more space, but they can rearrange the shower to make it look bigger.

Flip Or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: That Sinking Feeling

The biggest issue they encounter is floor water damage from a leak in one of the bathrooms. Bristol discovers this after they have already begun working on the hardwood floors. They now must remove them and start again.

Some of the features that they add include a small work area, double french doors, and a floating bookshelf. Aubrey seems to have a thing for lime/pea green paint, because she uses it again for this house. This is the second time this season that we’ve had this color added to a home.

The theme is modern-retro so the color makes sense for that style, but last time she used this color, we weren’t fans of it. However, this time the color works quite well.

Aubrey accentuates the green and blue theme by making sure that all the staging items match it. Originally, we weren’t too sure about this place, but the home is gorgeous! The green and blue color scheme really does create this unique, fun look that fits both modern and classic elements. The house looks so perfect as it is that whoever buys this home should see if they can buy the furniture as well.

Aubrey did such a great job staging it that we don’t know how it could work without the same furniture and art. The only part that didn’t work for us is the bedrooms. They still looked pretty small and underwhelming, but that’s a minor detail.

Bristol and Aubrey end up spending less than expected: Instead of spending $25,000 on renovations, they only spend $23,500. They decide to up the price from their original predicted selling price ($285,000) to $315,000.

After four days on the market, it ends up selling for $308,000. With closing costs and fees, they end up making a profit of $72,180.

Flip or Flop Vegas Season 2 Episode 3 Before and After Gallery

What did you think of Bristol and Audrey’s modern-reto Vegas home?


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