Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 2 – The Heart of the Home

Property Brothers Recap Season 12 Episode 2 - The Heart of the Home

Last night on the Property Brothers season 12, Drew and Jonathan helped a couple find their dream home after relocating to Nashville from Wisconsin for a dream job. After Sandy and Pat pick a house, Jonathan takes on this huge renovation which includes adding a second master suite for Sandy’s father who lives with them. They have a budget of $840,000 and they are looking for something with a big kitchen, space for family and something modern in style. The first house that they look at for inspiration only.

The first listing they look at is a 3500 square feet, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and an in-law suite. It is definitely not the style that they are looking for, but Jonathan reminds them that they can fix the inside of the house. Sandy really likes having the land that the house is on, but they aren’t convinced. This house is listed at $595,000, but it’s worth more than that just because of the land. Drew thinks that $610,000 would be a great starting price and even with the renovation, they would be under budget.

They look at a lot of other listings and Sandy is starting to get a little restless. She keeps telling them she is done and that Pat can go house hunting with them and when they find one, they can let her know. The second house that we get a look at is definitely more their style on the outside. It’s 3900 square feet, four bedrooms, two full and two half bathrooms. It is very closed in and dark, Jonathan tells them that he can open it and brighten it up for them. Jonathan gives them some ideas of where the in-law suite is going to be for Sandy’s father. The kitchen needs to be reworked. It has a nice big yard that is really private.

This house is listed at $729,000 but they think that $660,000 would be a good target because of the amount of work that needs to be done. Sandy tells a story about her mom passing and there being a cardinal near her mother’s window when they got back from the hospital. While they are talking numbers, they hear and see cardinals in the yard. They took this as a sign and put an offer in on this house. Pat and Sandy really wanted their anniversary. March 7th, 1992, incorporated in the house price. Drew tells them that they will make an offer of $659,237. 92/3/7. They accepted their offer. This is what the house looks like before Jonathan got his hands on it.

Gallery: Before the Property Brothers Renovations

It’s demolition day! Sandy and Pat come in to help Jonathan and his crew tear apart the inside of the house. They discover a few issues during the demo. The stairs needed to be reframed to avoid them being uneven in size, which cost them an extra $1000, the subfloors in the bathroom has to be replaced which is going to cost $2700 to fix if they can’t grind it down. They are trying to figure out if they should gamble and grind the floors down which would only cost $1000. They give the cheaper option a try. Here are the design plans for Sandy and Pat’s new house!

Gallery: Jonathan’s Designs for the Property Brothers Renovation

Meanwhile, Pat promised Sandy that they would take ballroom dancing classes if she moved to Nashville with him. Drew and Linda are taking the classes and bring Sandy and Pat along for the day. When they are finished, they head back to the house and Jonathan is talking to them about an accent wall using wall paper and Sandy is nervous. Jonathan shows them what it would look like and they are happy it isn’t a bright bold color. She tells Jonathan to make the decision for her and then goes outside and complains about the paper he has picked out for that wall. He decides to go with a different wallpaper for the accent wall.

Drew, Jonathan and Linda decide that in order for Sandy to accept Nashville as her new home, they need to get them out to experience it. They have a great day out in the city. Back to work they go and Pat has an idea to add folding patio doors to go out to the backyard. Jonathan tells him that’s an expensive addition to the to-do list. Pat tells him that he has stashed away some money to do something nice for Sandy. She doesn’t know about the hidden money or the patio doors that he wants Jonathan to put in for her. Jonathan tells them they will make it happen. Meanwhile, their sons are on a mission to find greenery for the patio.

The kitchen is finally being installed and they are getting the rest of the finishing touches done and prepped for move in day! Are you ready to see what their house looks like now that it’s finished? Here it is!

Gallery: After the Property Brothers Renovation

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  1. Wallpaper not used in this episode…..I love it and want out for my entry hall….where can I get it?

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