Fixer Upper Recap: Season 5 Episode 13 – European Cottage with a View!

Fixer Upper Recap: Season 5 Episode 13 - European Cottage with a View!

Last night on Fixer Upper season 5, Chip and Joanna help their client find a home with plenty of space for all their grandchildren and a gorgeous view. Dale and Nancy Pahmiyer moved to Waco to be closer to their kids and grandkids and are currently living in a duplex that is kind of small. They have a budget of $300,000.

The first house Chip and Jo bring them to see is a four bedroom, two bathroom, 1800 square foot home which is listed at $140,000 which leaves $160,000 for renovations. There is a stray cat living in the house, but Nancy doesn’t seem to mind him, actually joked out how if that cat comes with it, they will take it. The living room is small, but there is a large bedroom on the other side and they can open that up. The kitchen is rough. There is a great little room that they can make into a play room for the kids. The yard is also really big for them to run around in.

The second house is a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom, 1700 square foot house and it’s listed at $190,000. The inside of the house is a little small when you walk in, but Jo tells them that they can open that up. There isn’t a backyard on the house and that ends up being a little of a bummer for Dale and Nancy. It has super high ceilings, but the house is kind of small for their liking. The market is kind of slow right now for their wish list and budget so they are going to wait a bit to see if something comes up.

Chip brings up an idea to the Pahmiyer’s, he has found a half acre lot that they can build anything they want on it and it’s only $32,000 which gives them just under $270,000. They seem to really like this idea and they go for it. They decide just to build a new hour on this half acre lot! Here are the design photos of the Pahmiyer’s house!

Gallery: ‘Design Plans’ Fixer Upper Photos

They get the foundation down and start looking over the layout of what will be going where and they start the framing. Meanwhile, Jo is talking to the Pahiyer’s about their design plans. The only thing that Nancy really wanted that she didn’t see in the designs is a fireplace so Jo brings that to Chip and asks if they can fit it into the budget.

The project is really coming along and they were able to work the fireplace into the living room. The sheet rock is going up and the outside of the house is getting a trellis and Jo is matching the stain for the trellis for other accents on the outside of the house. The cabinets are being painted and then installed and the flooring and tiles are being put in also. Things are really moving fast.

Jo goes to see Clint to have him build a table for the playroom. She is planning on using stumps for chairs for this outdoor themed play room with a turf rug and all.  Chip is starting to build the chalkboard frame in the playroom and Jo comes by with the chalkboard paint for it and tells Chip that she needs tree stumps for the stools to go with the table. He tells her that he is on it.

After some finishing touches and Joanna’s decorating, the house is done and ready for Dale and Nancy to move in! Here is what their brand new house looks like!

Gallery: ‘After’ Fixer Upper Photos

What do you think of this new construction project that Jo and Chip took on? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!



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