Property Brothers Recap: Season 12 Episode 11 – Mistress of Her Domain

Property Brothers Recap Season 12 Episode 11 - Mistress of Her Domain

Last night on Property Brothers season 12, Drew and Jonathan helped Beverly who has been living at her childhood home to help settle her parents’ estate. She really would like to find a house that is bigger and more modern. She started selling some of her parents’ stuff which has been very emotional for her. Her budget is about $800,000 depending on what she can get for her parents’ property.

Drew asks Beverly if she had ever considered keeping her parents house, which was given to her and renovate that. She tells them that she thinks that she needs a fresh start, but Drew thinks it’s something she should think about. He asks if they can come over and take a look at it and have Jonathan paint her a picture of what he could do with the place before looking into other houses.

Drew mentioned this because her budget is pretty tight for the area and space that she wants, it might be more affordable to renovate her parents’ house. The next day, Drew and Jonathan head over to Bev’s house. This house has 1200 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and all of her friends and family. The kitchen is really small and closed off from the rest of the house which doesn’t allow Bev to entertain friends. Jonathan tells her that he can remove the walls to open it up and allow for her to entertain.

They take a look at some of the bedrooms and the bathrooms and it is really small, but Jonathan has some great ideas to really make this space better. The basement is finished and a great space for a guest suite which currently houses her father’s workshop tools. Drew tells her that keeping this house would be a better investment, but she isn’t sold on the $150,000 in renovation work that it needs.

They look at a few other homes before landing at a semi-detached house which is actually pretty big. It’s an 1800 square feet, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, but she isn’t a fan of sharing a wall with her neighbor. The first thing that Jonathan would do in this house is remove all the walls on the first floor. The upstairs bedrooms are kind of cramped and the bathroom is really small, but Jonathan tells her that he would actually combine the two bedrooms on this floor into a massive master suite. The backyard is small but has enough room for the hot tub she wants. This house is listed at $695,000, but Drew thinks that he can get them down another $20,000.

After thinking about it a little, Beverly was still having a hard time deciding so she called some friends and family to see what they think she should do. One of her relatives tells her she should go take another look at the other property and see if it speaks to her. After looking at it again, she decides that this house has a lot of the same qualities as her parents’ house minus the emotional attachment. She really wants to keep her childhood home. This is what it looked like before.

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They start the demo by ripping up the carpets, but while doing this, Jonathan notices that there is asbestos surrounding the heating vent. They are able to move into the kitchen and take down some cabinets and take apart the bathroom. They did find out that there is asbestos in the house and it has to be removed.

While that is being done, Jonathan is waiting for Beverly to finalize the kitchen floor plan, but she is having a hard time deciding. Jonathan takes her hot tub shopping in hopes to get her to make a decision while there. No such luck. Beverly consults with a friend about what their thoughts are. However, she is still having a hard time and Jonathan is getting frustrated because time is not on their side with this project. He has her come in to look at it mapped out and she finally makes a decision on her kitchen.

In order to save time, Jonathan brings Drew bed shopping with him instead of asking Beverly to make a decision on which bed she wants. When they get back to the house, the hot tub is there and the kitchen is finally being put together. Beverly has come in to help out with putting together the feature wall in the master bedroom which saves Jonathan some time and money. After some finishing touches and the decor is brought in and staged, it is time to show Beverly her new home. Here is what the house looked like after the renovation was finished.

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  1. Loved this episode. I am in the same boat as Beverly. Remodeling my 1960s childhood home.
    Got lots of nice ideas from the episode.

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