How To Rent The ‘Magnolia House’ From Fixer Upper

Magnolia House from Fixer Upper

Want to live like a homeowner from Fixer Upper and sleep under the roof that Chip repaired and Joanna redesigned? Then grab your checkbook and get in line! The Fixer Upper Magnolia House is up for rent and it can be all yours, for a few days at least.

The Fixer Upper Magnolia House came to be after one of the Gaines’s clients decided not to pick the property so instead Joanna and Chip picked it up for themselves. After a thorough renovation they’ve made it available for fans and visitors to Waco, Texas to rent and enjoy.

Reservations for Magnolia House have actually already filled up completely for 2017, but 2018 availability is coming up soon. Back in February the property opened up for new reservations in the second half of the year, but those sold out in about five minutes. FIVE! Wow. The first time they took reservations things booked in three hours. The second time everything went in an hour. Do you see the trend here?

So when will they take new reservations for the Magnolia House? 2018 bookings will open up at some point in the second quarter of 2017, but so far they haven’t set a definite date at the official reservations site.

How much does it cost to stay there? A lot. The Magnolia website shows a per night rate of $995 and with a two-night minimum you’ll have to make sure that’s worth the trip. Of course I imagine some die-hard Fixer Upper fans could find a few like minded friends and make a big group trip out of this adventure.

Magnolia House Reservation Highlights:

  • The house sleeps eight
  • Reservations are for the entire house
  • 2-night minimum on your stay
  • Check-in any day but Sundays

Would you want to stay at the Fixer Upper house? It’s designed to give you that feeling of staying right in the Gaines’s own home with Joanna’s designs and Chip’s handy work. The real challenge is getting a reservation! Best of luck to all the Waco-bound hopefuls.


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