Home Town Season 2: HGTV Orders Another Round

Ben & Erin Napier on Home Town HGTV - Source: Instagram

HGTV has officially confirmed a Home Town Season 2 following a successful run of the series’s debut and first season this spring.

Just five weeks after the series premiere of Home Town the good news continues on for its stars Erin Napier and her husband Ben. They’ll be back next time around with even more Home Town projects in the Laurel, Mississippi area for their fans to enjoy on HGTV.

The couple shared the announcement on Twitter and picked up lots of praise as well as encouragement from their network family member, Chip Gaines. Chip tweeted the Home Town couple, “Congratulations @scotsmanco & @ErinRNapier on the big news about Season2! Keep the faith. Think of others 1st, & this will be 1 heckofa ride.”

Hints of the Home Town season 2 came more than a week ago when Erin shared on Instagram, “Celebrating good news with our framily, the moon and stars, a cool breeze and Charlie Daniels. ❤️? #HGTVHomeTown #tobecontinued”. Of course the “to be continued” wasn’t confirmed until just a few days ago, but it sure did seem to suggest what was about to be official.

Congratulations to Ben and Erin Napier as they prepare for even more home renovations and hopefully years to come of their series. Now to start the countdown to Home Town Season 2!


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