House Hunters Recap: Moving Back To Missouri

House Hunters Lainey and Tyler have decided to move back home to Missouri. I’m not sure where they’re moving from, but its apparently somewhere other than Missouri.

As almost always with these couples, they’re currently staying with Lainey’s mom, and mom clearly wants them and their two dogs out of her house.

The Wish Lists

Him: He prefers a one-story ranch with an open concept that is move-in ready with carpet. Because he likes to walk around barefoot (in your own house!? Freak!). He also doesn’t need a trendy kitchen. He does, however, need a 3-car garage for his obnoxiously large truck.

Her: Of course her wish list is the exact opposite of his. She wants a two-story craftsman that is a dumb so she can fix it up. OK, she doesn’t really want a dump, but she does want some projects. She wants hardwood floors because she hates walking around barefoot (I’m kidding about the last part), and she wants a large trendy kitchen.

Some day we’ll find a couple who wants exactly the same things. Right?

With a budget of $325,000 in mind, lets get to the house hunting!

The Houses

House #1 $279,900

This one-and-a-half-story craftsman has Lainey’s hardwood floors and an large, open foyer. She doesn’t like the kitchen, though. Tyler thinks the kitchen is gorgeous. Of course he does. As for the yard, it is lacking a fence for their dogs and the garage isn’t up to par for Tyler. So she hates the kitchen, he hates the garage and there’s no excitement from either of them. They aren’t picking this house. Next.

House #2 $309,000

The second house is a ranch and is a new construction. It’s a gorgeous house. The main floor is an open-floor plan and it has the hardwood floors Lainey loves. Tyler scoffs at that and mumbles something about carpet before Lainey reminds him their dining set won’t fit in that house. And again, the backyard is not dog-friendly, and the garage is probably too small for Tyler’s truck. Things aren’t looking good for this house, either. Maybe the next house will work?

House #3 $264,900

A split-level traditional! Gasp! And Lainey seems to feel the same way I feel about split-levels… but actually, it’s a much better house inside than most split-levels you see. The living room and kitchen are open and the kitchen is updated. The house is a whole bunch of yellow, but paint is an easy fix. Again, there’s no fence for their dogs, but what about the garage? Nope. Too small. Lainey has a good idea, though: get a less ridiculous truck. I like Lainey.

This is a tough call, but I’m reading a little more excitement from them with house #3 so I’m going to say they go for house #3.

The Decision

Lainey and Tyler have decided to go with … house #2! They fooled me! I will say that it was my favorite of the three, but they just seemed not that into the house. They got the house at the asking price, and she has nothing to work on, so this was just a tricky episode to gauge.

The important thing is, if Tyler works really hard and angles it just right, he can fit his absurd truck in the garage.


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