House Hunters Recap: Fresh Start For Six In Salisbury

House Hunters JD and Jenny are looking to make a fresh start with their four kids. JD lost his wife to cancer in 2013 and has since remarried Jenny.

JD has decided it was time to move on from the home he and his kids shared with his late wife and make new memories in a new home with Jenny

The family has set their budget at $600,000 and requires 6 bedrooms and at least 4 bathrooms.

Wish Lists

Hers: She wants a mid-century modern home that’s a fixer-upper. A pool would be nice, too.

His: He prefers a more traditional home that is move-in ready. He’s not crazy about the idea of having a pool, but he does want a large yard.

The Houses

House #1, $595,000

The first house the family is seeing is a contemporary design and is very quiet and secluded. So it’s not the traditional JD likes, but Jenny is pretty impressed with the architecture. With only three bedrooms, though, the house is actually smaller than their existing house. That’s not a good sign.

Actually, there’s no way this house is going to work with only three bedrooms. The house is really well designed, though. The living room is very open and bright and the kitchen is updated, but a bit small for a family. There’s no pool, which JD is happy about, but he’s not too happy that the backyard isn’t that large.

This house will never work. It’s just too small. There’s no way they’re taking this house. I’m just going to go ahead and write it off now.

House #2, $549,000

The second house is a lot more tradtitional home so JD is pretty excited about that. What he doesn’t like, however, is that it’s a bit close to a busy road. With 4 beds 4.5 baths, it’s definitely larger than the first house.

As for the design, it’s very traditional. The rooms are all separate, so it’s lacking any openness. Jenny doesn’t seem too interested in the traditional part of the home. There is a huge family room, though. And there’s a large backyard, which JD loves. The kitchen is small and closed in. I think they could make it work, but I’m just not getting much excitement from them.

House #3, $349,000

The third house is a mid-century modern with 5 bedroom and 5.5 baths. So Jenny is very happy about all those things.

It’s also a REAL fixer-upper, which she also loves. It’s a bit of a 70s and 80s style, but the rooms are large and there are so many things they could do with the space. There’s also pool, but it’s a bit rundown. There’s actually no backyard, but there’s a lake instead. The kitchen is super outdated and not even functional. Overall, there are lots of large spaces that all need renovated. But that price is so under their budget they could do so many things with the house.

Jenny seems really excited with the potential of fixing up the house, but JD is pretty silent. Hmm.

What will they do? This is a tough call. I know they aren’t going with the first house, so it’s between the second and third. I kind of think they will go with House #3 and make it their own. But then again house, the second house was more JD’s style and it had the yard. I’m going to say they go with House #3 and remodel.

So what house did they choose? House #3! Good choice! Sadly we don’t get to see the renovation. That’s a bummer. In the end, JD really wanted Jenny to have the say in their new home and she got everything on her wish list.