Property Brothers Recap: Season 10 Episode 14 – Hunting for the One

Property Brothers Recap Season 10 Episode 14 - Hunting for the One

On last night’s episode of Property Brother season 10, Emily and Ken, who have been living with family since they sold their condo, are starting their search for their forever home. Their family all lives in the same area and they are looking to stay in that area as well. The problem is, it’s a small area and they don’t have time to waste because Emily and Ken are expecting their first child! An exciting and terrifying time for them already, they have to start looking for a home and get the renovations done quickly.

The first home that Drew and Jonathan show them is way out of their budget, but it was shown to them as an example of what they should expect from the housing market as far as the price of a move in ready home. However, if they take on one of the fixer upper houses that Drew has found in the area, they could potentially stay within their budget.

They look at two houses that are real contenders for the type of house they can see their family in. One is a little more affordable, but a little out of the way of Emily’s parents, where the other one is a little more pricey, but the proximity makes it worth it for them. They go with the more expensive option and then the hits start coming.

First, this is what the main living area of the house looks like before Jonathan starts the renovations.

Gallery: Before the Property Brothers Renovations

After buying the house, Jonathan has an asbestos test done, knowing the area and the time the house was built, it was better safe than sorry. When they get the results of that test, it isn’t good news and it looks like the house is riddled in asbestos. He tells Emily and Ken that it is going to cost almost $14,000 just to get rid of the asbestos in the house.

Then there was another problem, Jonathan had plans of opening up the dining room and living room by knocking down the wall that divided them. Unfortunately, it’s a low bearing wall and it’s supporting most of the house, so the beam they need to use to replace the wall is much thicker than originally planned. Also going to cost some extra money. Speaking of Jonathan’s design, here is what he had planned for the living room, dining room and kitchen areas!

Gallery: Jonathan’s Designs for the Property Brothers Renovation

Now that there are all these added expenses, Jonathan, Emily and Ken have to figure out ways to save money with some little tweaks in the design. Emily will get a tile back splash instead of the marble one, the railing and stairs will be refinished and not replaced and Emily and Ken told Jonathan that they would bring in some of their own stuff for the decorating.

After the house is completely done and Ken and Emily are able to move in, they are wowed by their new home. They can’t believe that this is the same house they bought 7 weeks prior that needed all those updates. Are you ready to see what Emily and Ken’s home looks like now? Here you go!

Gallery: After the Property Brothers Renovations

As an added bonus, thanks to some sneaky planning by Emily and Jonathan, they were able to put the nursery for the baby together so that Ken didn’t have to. It had everything their little girl will need when she arrives and Ken couldn’t be happier about it. What did you think of last night’s episode of Property Brother season 10? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!