House Hunters Recap: Window Panes in the Windy City

House Hunters Recap: Window Panes in the Windy City

House Hunters Chris and Molly wanted to stay in their comfort zone by picking a place in or near downtown Chicago. Chris and Molly have been dating for over ten years and married for two. They met in law school and work in the Chicago Loop.

Chris and Molly agree overall about their must-have list: They want at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a turnkey place with very little need for renovations, extra space for an office, and an outdoor area. However, they differ greatly on their desired style.

Wish Lists:

Hers: Molly wants a white kitchen. She wants a loft style home with a fireplace and lots of wood.

His: Chris wants a modern home with floor to ceiling windows. He also wants a home with parking.

They both want the place to have a washer and dryer inside the home, and for it to be as close to downtown as possible.

Chris and Molly’s budget is $400,000, but they’re willing to spend as much as $425,000.

House #1, $390,000

House Hunters Recap: Window Panes in the Windy City

Home number one is right in the South Loop. They love the view of Chicago, which they see from the floor to ceiling windows. The home has a mixture of hardwood and carpet flooring; Molly hates the carpet because of their dog and how dirty it will get.

One of the major positives of this place is that it has a nice balcony area. A major problem with this place is that it on the high end of their budget, especially with it costing an extra $30,000 for parking. Another negative is that it’s by apartment developments, so they could hear construction for years.

House #2, $360,000

House Hunters Recap: Window Panes in the Windy City

Molly and Chris step outside of downtown to check out a place in Pilsen. This time they look at a Timber loft that is closer to Molly’s design wish list. It is very spacious. The master bedroom is huge, at least twice as large as the master in house number one. Molly loves all the exposed brick, but Chris wishes it was a bit more modern looking.

It’s been newly remodeled so all the appliances are new, but Molly isn’t happy that it doesn’t have a white kitchen. Another problem for the couple is that it doesn’t have any outside area. They’re also not really close to an L station, but there are buses nearby.

House #3, $399,000

House Hunters Recap: Window Panes in the Windy City

This is another condo in the downtown area. It’s modern with a great view of the skylines. Molly finally gets a white kitchen in this place, but it doesn’t look that modern. Chris gets his floor to ceiling windows and hardwood floor.

This place also requires Christ to pay for parking. It would cost an additional $210 a month, and there is no washer and dryer in their condo. But there is a laundry area within the building.

House Hunters Recap: Window Panes in the Windy City

Chris loves condo number three but Molly doesn’t seem so sure. We expected the couple to pick between condo number one or three. The loft house, house number two, was our favorite, but we thought the location and style were just too different for Chris. So we were pleasantly surprised when they went with….house number two!

They ended up paying $362,500 for it, which including a closing cost credit. House Hunters fans, did they pick the right unit?


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