House Hunters Recap: Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia

House Hunters Recap: Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia

Shan lives with her aunt as she works as a travel agent and attends college full-time. After taking an environment course, Shan became concerned about her impact on the environment, and this started her decision to buy a tiny house.

Along with her friend of 30 years, LaQuanta, Shan plans to team up with House Hunters to find the perfect tiny home She has a budget of $55,000.

Wish List

Shan wants a home that has wheels so that she can travel with her tiny house. She wants two lofts, one for herself and one for her 18 year old son. Shan wants the place to have some land to rest, and she wants her home to have a modern or cape cod style.

Shan needs the loft to have plenty of headspace and a washer-dryer unit.

House #1, $35,000

House Hunters Recap: Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia-1

This tiny home has two separate porches, 217 sq. ft. of space, and a Dutch door that allows a top and bottom opening. It comes with land to rent that would be $400 a month. It includes two sleeping areas, but not two lofts. One of the spaces would be a couch that needs to be converted to a bigger sleeping areas. The one loft has plenty of headspace.

This tiny home has plenty of natural lighting, especially with the windows and sky light. The home doesn’t really have stairs or a ladder. It has something Shan and LaQuanta call a “sladder,” some form of stairs and ladder hybrid. The home also has a rooftop deck, but lacks much kitchen space or appliances.

House #2, $57,250

House Hunters Recap: Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia-2

This home is a very modern, roomy tiny home. It has 300 sq. ft. and two lofts. The home also has a third sleeping area in the form of sliding couch cushions that also double as some storage space. This home also comes with the bonus of including wheels to travel.

This modern tiny home comes with a washer/dryer unit, and sliding doors that leads to a full-size bathroom. The home also has a decent size kitchen.

House #3, $53,500

House Hunters Recap: Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia-3

This is a 260 sq. ft. tiny home that doesn’t include land to rent. It’s very modern and has some cool built-in features like a built-in couch. It has plenty of storage space and room to add more of it. This home also comes with a washer/dryer unit.

It has a medium size kitchen, but it’s right next to the bathroom. This home also comes with only one loft area, but a couch area that can be altered to be more space for Shan’s son.

Decision Time: One of the few House Hunters where the person made the right choice. Just kidding…sort of. All three tiny houses were nice but House #2 was the only one that provided enough space for Shan and her son. It was also the one with the best features, especially for the price.

House Hunters Recap: Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia-4

Shan picked…House #2.

She paid the asking price of $57,250, and the monthly fee of $450. She also added some more storage features, pillows, and curtains.


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