House Hunters Recap: Settling in South Dakota

House Hunters Recap: Settling in South Dakota

House Hunters‘ Brigit and Jack are looking for a new home in Rapid City, SD. Jack is in the military, so the newlyweds have been moving around a lot for his deployment. They’re both originally from New England and met while in college. Now they are moving from Texas to South Dakota.

Per usual, Jack and Brigit want opposite things. She wants something finished and live in ready, but he wants to have projects and things to finish around the home. Brigit is a little afraid to have too many projects because if Jack is called to duty, she might be left with unfinished areas.

Wish Lists

Hers: Brigit wants a ranch style home. She works from home, so she needs a space for her office. Brigit also wants a home with little to no projects.

His: Jack wants more of a fixer upper home, where he can repair and build things. He wants a split-level home. He also needs a finished basement to use as his own getaway space.

They both want a nice kitchen with updated equipment. They want an open floor plan, a large backyard with a fence for their dog, and at least two bathrooms. They also want one of these bathrooms to be inside the master suite.

Jack and Brigit’s budget is $200,000. Neither of them, but especially Brigit, want to go over budget.

House #1, $200,000

House Hunters Recap: Settling in South Dakota

It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom home with about three levels. They think the kitchen is a little dated, so that would be one of Jack’s projects. They like that the first floor would kind of be a private area for them. They have plenty of space for Brigit’s office and Jack’s finished basement.

This house had a lot of charm. It wasn’t too flashy but had everything they needed, and the work didn’t seem too extreme. The kitchen did need a little more work than the rest of the house, but the separating floors and basement gave the home huge bonus points.

House #2, $194,000

House Hunters Recap: Settling in South Dakota

House number two also had three bedrooms, but only one bathroom. It was outside their target area, and in a very windy place. It had just been remodeled with an updated kitchen, but Jack and Brigit still think it needed work.

The basement was completely unfinished, but had areas started for two more rooms and a bathroom. The one bathroom was very small. The home was also located right next to a construction site, because the whole area was being built.

This house had potential but as it was, it was definitely overpriced. The unfinished basement alone would probably cost them at least another $15,000. Additionally, the construction sites would drive them crazy in the long run.

House #3, $225,000

House Hunters Recap: Settling in South Dakota

Jack and Brigit didn’t like how over budget it was, especially because it needed some renovations. It was a ranch style home in their target location: It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms. They loved the look of the hardwood floor and the ceiling to floor windows.

They criticized all the rooms and bathrooms for being small. They also didn’t like that the home wasn’t completely an open floor plan. They would need to take down a wall. The fence and basement were both very large and nice.

This home had a great living small, but the bathrooms were very tiny. The rooms weren’t much better, but it was nice that the master suite did have its own bathroom.

House Hunters Recap: Settling in South Dakota

It seemed like Brigit and Jack were going to go with homes one or two, because home three was over budget and had really tiny bedrooms/bathrooms, so we were shocked when they picked home number three.

Their realtor negotated and got the price reduced from $225,000 to $210,000.

Did these House Hunters pick the right home? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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