House Hunters Recap: Room for Six in Naperville

House Hunters Recap: Room for Six in Naperville

House Hunters‘ Chad and Lisa want to upgrade their home to accommodate their four children. Their current home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is definitely not enough space for this large family. Chad and Lisa met at a bar, but found out that they worked in the same building on different floors.

They lived in Chicago but moved to Naperville, IL about six years ago. Lisa and Chad love Naperville because it is a small town with big city appeal. They have a $700,000 budget.

Wish Lists

Lisa and Chad want a home with five bedroom and three bathrooms. They want it to be at least 3500 sq ft. They also want a large kitchen, and a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet. This bedroom also needs an en suite. The couple also a need a 3-car garage for storing outdoor equipment like bikes. The home also must have five bedrooms and at least three bathrooms.

Hers: Lisa wants a move-in ready craftsman style home with a grand foyer, an open floor plan, and a modest backyard.

His: Chad wants an affordable colonial style fixer upper with a large kitchen and huge backyard.

House #1, $657,000

House Hunters Recap: Room for Six in Naperville-3

The first home is a 3700 sq ft home with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The floor plan combines hardwood floor and carpet. It doesn’t have a grand foyer, but it does have a large kitchen. The kitchen has all  the latest appliances, and a weird extra feature: a water wall.

The master bedroom looks divine with heated floors. The backyard is very spacious. The big drawback of this home is that it has a lot of space, but it’s poorly designed. This makes it hard for Chad and Lisa to see a future in the home at its current state.

House #2, $410,000

House Hunters Recap: Room for Six in Naperville-2

This is a tudor style home with a 2 1/2-car garage with 2800 sq ft. The home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. it doesn’t have a foyer but has nice hardwood floors. The kitchen looks very dated. Many of the places in this home need remodeling.

It’s a mess of colors, design choices, and construction. The home has a very nice finished basement, family room, and a huge backyard. The master bathroom needs a lot of work.

House #3, $734,000

House Hunters Recap: Room for Six in Naperville-1

This is a 4400 sq ft home with six bedrooms, and five and a half bathrooms. It has a grand foyer, high ceilings, and a formal dining room. This home has plenty of space and organized in a cohesive and attractive way.

The place includes a 3-car garage, a gorgeous kitchen, and a finished basement. The master bedroom feels like a whole other world with how large it is, and has matching large closets and en suite.

Decision Time: House #3 hit all of their check list items, but Chad clearly had a panic attack about the price. House #1 was just overall oddly designed. House #2 seemed slightly like a waste of time, only because it was basically the same as their current home. So it didn’t make sense for them to not go for a larger home, or just renovate their current home.

House Hunters Recap: Room for Six in Naperville-4

In the end, they picked…House #2.

They got into a bit of a bidding war and ended up buying it for $425,000 instead of $410,000. Chad and Lisa have just begun renovations and expect to add at least an additional $250,000 for remodeling costs. They’re both excited about their new home.


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