House Hunters Recap: Ranch Vs. Craftsman in New Jersey

House Hunters Recap: Ranch Vs. Craftsman in New Jersey

Somerville, New Jersey couple Krissy and Matt called House Hunters to help them find a new home to accomodate their expanding family, which includes an assortment of animals. The wellness and health business owner and the pipe fitter have two children from Krissy’s previous marriage, and a dog and rabbit. The couple met through relatives, and Matt was even a guest at Krissy’s first wedding.

They have been married for over a year, and sharing a small house. The house no longer has enough room for them, so it’s time to move-on. Krissy and Matt already sold their home so they’re staying with Krissy’s parents and grandma until they find a new place.

Wish Lists

They both want separate bathrooms, a light and bright kitchen, hardwood floors, a home office, and at least four bedrooms.

His: Matt is obsessed with the idea of having an urinal. He also wants a ranch style home with no steps. Matt wants a small yard so that Krissy can’t adopt anymore pets.

Hers: Krissy wants a craftsman style home with a large yard, to adopt many animals. She wants to start a small farm. Krissy would like to have a fixer upper for renovation projects. She wants at least two acres of land.

They have a budget between $450,000 and $500,000.

House #1, $479,900

House Hunters Recap: Ranch Vs. Craftsman in New Jersey-3


This home is a 1978 cottage with two acres of land. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The most eye-catching thing about this home is the retro look and the high-ceilings. It also has a beautiful large yard, but it would need a fence for the animals.

The kitchen has a bit of a 50s diner style. The bathroom is covered in tile with vrious shapes. It also lacks a shower but has a tub. The home also has some odd shapes when it comes to the way the home uses space of certain rooms. The bedrooms are on the smaller side but it has an extra room that looks like a secret, fort space.

House #2, $399,900

House Hunters Recap: Ranch Vs. Craftsman in New Jersey-1


This ranch style home was built in 1957. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Its a half acre, which is reflected in the yard space: it is big enough for a few animals but not a full farm. The kitchen is very spacious but outdated. The house is very colorful with an array of colors in each bathroom.

It has a very outdated look but plenty of space and room for a major renovations.

House #3, $534,900

House Hunters Recap: Ranch Vs. Craftsman in New Jersey-2

This gorgeous colonial style home has two-stories and about an acre of land. It was built in 1815 but been newly remodeled. It has high ceiling, a formal dining room, and a stunning red wood cabinet kitchen.

The master bedroom and en suite are large and luxurious. It’s also the only home to have an official office space.

Decision Time: If House #3 wasn’t priced so high, it should be the winner. It had everything on their wish lists. House #1 had some weird design decision choices but overall it had no wow factor. House #2 needed a full gut job, so if they picked this one, they were in for a lot of work.

House Hunters Recap: Ranch Vs. Craftsman in New Jersey-4

They picked…House #2.

They bought it for $350,000 instead of the $399,900 asking price. Krissy and Matt had some permit issues but finally can begin renovations. It’s going to be at least three more months before they can move into it.


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