House Hunters Recap: Going for it in Gulfport

House Hunters Recap: Going for it in Gulfport

Angela has been killing it in her career. She’s been traveling a lot for work, and now become the Director of Operations at her company. This new promotion offers her the freedom to move anywhere. As a child, Angela remembers a road trip with her family that lead to Gulfport, MS.

These fond memories have inspired her to make Gulfport her new permanent home. With a budget of $350,000 and House Hunters’ help, she hopes to find the perfect beach view with lots of amenities. Angela’s best friend of 20 years, Rashanda, is coming along to help her decide on a place.

Wish List

Angela wants a condo that’s turnkey. She also would like a pool, two bedrooms, office space, a large kitchen, and outdoor living space. Having gulf views is also critical to Angela’s ideal home.

House #1, $223,900

House Hunters Recap: Going for it in Gulfport-1

This home has premium gulf view access. This place has about 1300 sq ft, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It also has tons of amenities, like an indoor and outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a fitness center. Angela has a major issue with all the carpeting in this condo.

However, she’s willing to look pass it because it’s priced under budget. One thing Angela can’t ignore is the lack of space. Seeing this home made her realize that she needs a third room for office space.

House #2, $339,700

House Hunters Recap: Going for it in Gulfport-2

Angela’s new request for a third room gets accommodated in this home. It’s a Tuscan villa style home that Angela and Rashanda says reminds them both of being back in Italy. The place has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2100 sq ft. The garden view of this place is mesmerizing, but it doesn’t have any gulf views. The place also has amenities that include a pool and hot tub.

This home, like the first one, also has a private balcony. The place has plenty of space but Angela worries that furnishing it might cost too much. The home is also missing major appliances like a fridge.

House #3, $289,500

House Hunters Recap: Going for it in Gulfport-3

This home gives Angela her gulf views because it’s located right on the beach. It has an outdoor and indoor pool, a spa, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It also has 1472 sq ft, a private porch, and a small room that’s perfect for office space.

The only major issue Angela has with it is that the private porch/balcony is very small.

Decision Time: Angela seema to like all three of her choices, but her attention appears to waver between house #1 and #2. Condo one is great for Angela’s budget, but the lack of office space might be a major deal breaker. Condo two is gorgeous overall, but furnishing something that massive can become a budget sucker real fast.

House Hunters Recap: Going for it in Gulfport-4

Angela picks…House #2.

She ended up buying it for $326,000. Since closing, Angela has loved working on the nearby beach or various inviting places in her new home.


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