House Hunters Recap: Basement Blues in Knoxville

House Hunters Recap: Basement Blues in Knoxville
Youth pastor R.D and his artist wife, Emily, want to find a new home in Knoxville. The couple’s current house just doesn’t quite feel like their forever home, so they’re on the hunt again for the right place. R.D and Emily are a charming couple who met six and a half years ago. Since then, they’ve had four year old twins, Maisie and Camille.

R.D and Emily need House Hunters‘ help to bridge the gap between their very different home searches. The pair has a flexible $300,000 budget.

Wish Lists

Neither R.D and Emily believe in that DIY lifestyle, so they want a move-in ready home. They also want a big private yard.

His: R.D prefers the craftsman style home. He would also like it to have a basement, open floor plan, separate bedrooms—four of them—,and more square feet. R.D also wants to turn one of those rooms into a library.

Hers: Emily prefers a ranch style home with a hallway long enough for her to play soccer with Maisie and Camille—-to relive her childhood memories. She also wants a smaller home, a closed floor plan, and rooms closer together. Emily doesn’t want more than three rooms, and an additional room for office paint space. She also has a major disdain for basements, so she doesn’t want one in her new home.

House #1, $310,000

House Hunters Recap: Basement Blues in Knoxville-1

This home is a traditional cottage with plenty of space; this 3500 sq ft place has five bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. It manages to fit an open floor plan and a closed one. The living room is very large and open, but it has a closed kitchen and other areas. R.D and Emily are both happy to learn that this place is move-in ready.

They’re not-so happy when they learn that it doesn’t have a hallway, and it doesn’t have a large private yard. Emily is even more unhappy to learn that it has a finished basement. She even refuses to look at it.

House #2, $265,000

House Hunters Recap: Basement Blues in Knoxville-3

This is a ranch home with 2100 sq ft and an acre of land. It’s a very private home with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a gorgeous backyard. It is very private, exclusive, and inviting. It’s like Emily, R.D, Camille, and Maisie have their own isolated forest.

The ranch also has a lovely enclosed porch. Emily even gets her hallway for soccer. The big drawback is that the place is not move-in ready. Mr. “I don’t know how to spell hammer,” R.D, would have to become a handyman. Another issue is that this also includes a basement, and it already has water damage.

House #3, $275,000

House Hunters Recap: Basement Blues in Knoxville-2

This ranch style home was built in 1965. It has four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. It’s move-in ready with 2100 sq ft. Once again, all the rooms are very close together, but this time, the home has an additional living space. This area replaces the basement.

The home also has a screen porch and a modern kitchen, but it doesn’t have a private backyard.

Decision Time: Emily’s hatred of basements almost made us sure she would pick House #3. However, of the three houses, it was the least charming one. House #2 has such a gorgeous backyard that it seemed criminal not to pick it, but the renovations and basement made us wonder if R.D and Emily could look pass those issues. House #1 seemed to fit both of their styles the best, but the lack of backyard space made this one less than desirable.

House Hunters Recap: Basement Blues in Knoxville-4

In the end, Emily and R.D picked…House #2.

They paid $255,000 for it. Emily and R.D both found ways to get over their issues with the home. Emily has began to make herself comfortable in the basement. Meanwhile, R.D is becoming a HGTV worthy fixer upper.


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