Home Town Season 2 Recap: Episode 7 – Colorful Custom Cottage

Home Town Season 2 Recap Episode 7 - Colorful Custom Cottage

Last night on Home Town season 2, Erin and Ben help a local restaurant owner, Pearl Campbell, find a house with a spacious kitchen and room for a garden. She is also a grandmother and really wanted some space for her grandkids to run around in. She has a budget of $85,000.

The first house they look at is the Rudolph House, it is a two bedroom, one bathroom and 1300 square feet. It’s also super close to work and church, she could walk to both from this house. It is listed at $36,000. The inside is nice and open, it needs a little refreshing and new electrical with will run her about $7000 to bring it up to code. The kitchen needs a compete overhaul and to be opened up. The master bedroom is nice and spacious and it just needs cosmetic work. The master bathroom needs a door on the other side so that guests don’t have to go through her room to get to it.

The second house they take Pearl to see is the Roper House and it’s a two bedroom, one bath, 1100 square feet. It’s listed at $40,000. Like the first house, they are going to brighten up the outside of the house. The interior is a little small, but Erin mentions that they can open it up by knocking down a wall. Most of the rest of the house is cosmetic. The kitchen is huge in this house and just needs some updating and the cabinets need to be replaced. The bathroom is also not attached to her room, so she doesn’t have to worry about people walking through her room. She decides that she is going with the Rudolph house because she can walk to church and work if she wants.

Here is what the house looked like before the renovation!

Gallery: Before the Home Town Renovations

After the demo is done, some of the floors need to be re-done because they are in really rough shape, the kitchen isn’t too bad, but the bathroom floor needs to be patched so that Erin could paint a checker pattern. The cabinets and built-ins are in the kitchen and the project is really coming along pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, Ben and his brother Jesse are building a nice island for Pearl’s kitchen that has a stainless top so she can use it for a work table. Ben has ordered the stainless top and put the legs together, but now he using some of the wood they took from one of the walls to built the top to put the stainless on. They are also putting wheels on it so she can move it over to the counter when she needs to.

The counter tops have come in and they are being installed. They are a very pretty white on top of a pale yellow cabinet. Meanwhile, Erin is painting the floor with a fume free, non-toxic paint so her and the baby are safe. She taped off this really cool design in the floor and when it’s dry and they pull up the paint, it looks really cute.

Back in the kitchen, Erin and Ben are using some of the bead board from the other room for the back splash. They are worried about all the stainless steel and stuff making the kitchen look too commercial, so they are using this to soften it up a bit. It looks really good with the pale yellow cabinetry.

We then watch as Ben starts putting together some rocking chairs for Pearl. They are doing a real simple design and making it a little shorter because Pearl is a small lady. They come out really nice when they are all put together. Now, it’s just some finishing touches and putting the appliances in, the finish line is pretty close. They trim the magnolia tree outside and opens it up so you can see the house behind it. It’s really a pretty tree.

There is a little bit of a hang up with hanging up the bathroom door, they didn’t send instructions or hardware with the door. Ben and his crew decide to wing it and they actually get the door up without messing it up. They weren’t completely convinced they could do it, but they did. Meanwhile, Erin gets Ben and one of the guys to build a raised garden bed with some lattice behind it. The decor is being brought in and everything has come together. This is what the house looked like after it was done!

Gallery: After the Home Town Renovations

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